(BBC's Fame Academy 2, August 21st 2003)

Louise, Alex, Alistair and Paris have been learning heaps in a Masterclass with Bee Gee Robin Gibb this afternoon.

The four lucky students will perform the classic Bee Gees hit You Win Again with Robin Gibb this coming Saturday, and the class was the perfect opportunity for them to get down to the nitty-gritty of singing with a superstar.

"Hello everyone, how are you today?" Robin greeted the excited students, who were perched on their stools in The Music Room.

In true professional style, Robin got straight down to business, asking if the students had heard the backing track, then playing the track and belting out the first verses of the song in his trademark falsetto.

The master then negotiated with the students on each performer's input into the song, and Paris had a suggestion. "I think it would be great if someone else started it and then you came in, that might have more impact," the cool cat, no stranger to high notes himself, offered.

Robin liked the idea, and asked Paris "Do you want to sing the first verse then?"

"No," Paris laughed sheepishly. After a run-through of the song, Alistair offered to go first.

"Do it the way you feel it," Robin advised, before the gang sang through the track once more. "Sounded pretty good," the Bee Gee assured.

Carrie, who was offering her support in fitting the musical hopefuls' notes together with the voice of a legend, suggested that Robin set the tone of the song and the students take it from there. "If I was watching, I'd want to see you," Carrie told him.

After a few more run-throughs, the singing order started to fall into place and the students began to relax into their parts.

"The way you're singing, you're putting your own style into it and that's how you should be doing it," Robin said. "There's no need to be nervous, it's like the five of us jamming on stage," he went on. "You won't be judged on this song, we should just have fun. If anyone will be judged on this, it'll be me, not you!" he laughed.

The students then had the chance to ask Robin questions about his career, and the industry in general. Alex went first: "What made you get into music in the first place?"

"As children, we were just very interested in writing songs and we'd play games being pop stars at home, " Robin explained. "It became an obsession, and it just evolved from there." Robin then mentioned American soul and R&B and The Beatles as their greatest influences.

Before Robin left, Alistair couldn't resist thanking the Bee Gee for the support he has been receiving throughout the live shows. "Thanks for sticking up for me," Alistair quipped. "My pleasure," Robin smiled, and then he was off.

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