(Disc and Music Echo, October 28, 1967)

Transcript by Anne Marie

Bee Gees set the seal to their phenomenal career this week with the announcement that they have been offered the chance to write full musical scores for SIX major films, as well as a special West End stage production in London next year.

This includes an already completed film called "Wonder Wall" which has been shot in Britain by a company financed by Alan Clore, son of the millionaire. The group goes to Twickenham studios next week to see rushes of the film and decide on the music.

The Gibb brothers, Barry, Maurice and Robin, left for a week’s holiday on the Continent on Friday and will study film scripts before they return to London.

With the announcement this week that the Home Office has granted new work permits to the two Australian members of the group, Vincent Melouney and Colin Petersen, plans are now going forward for the group to make major tours of America and Australia in the New Year. They tour America for three weeks for an estimated £130,000 in January, and Australia for three weeks following.

"Massachusetts" which keeps the group at number one for the second week running in Britain has already shot to the number one spot in both Holland and Germany this week. It wins the boys their first ever silver disc, awarded by Disc and Music Echo for sales of over 250,000 in Britain.

Their LP "First" has already sold 250,000 copies in America.

The groups’ Southern TV spectacular "Cucumber Castle" which goes into production next week, will not be shot in colour especially for the US and the Continent. This means plans for the Bee Gees to shoot a colour TV spectacular during their Australian trip next year have been dropped.

Bee Gees have written another new number for the film "The Mini-Mob" which stars Georgie Fame. Titled "All My Christmases" it is sung in the film by the Majority.

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