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A Bee Gees fan called Leann Mckeever found this article in a British newspaper. It's of a  psychic who claims that can talk to people that have passed away. She said she had spoken to famous people such as  Elvis and Princess Diana. This time she had been speaking to people such as Joe Strummer (singer) from The Clash, John Thaw (actor), Jam Master Jay (DJ) from Run DMC, Dudley Moore, The Queen Mother and Maurice Gibb. Here is the part about Maurice:

Maurice Gibb

Died aged 53 in January this year following complications during abdominal surgery. When Sally (the Psychic) contacts Bee Gee Maurice, he is on a terrace overlooking a peaceful streach of water.

(S = Sally;   M = Mo)

S: What can you tell us about the aftermath of your death? 

M: "It was my time to go and the hospital did everything they could to help me out."

S: Should the Bee Gees go on?

M: "They should but they won't. I am worried about my elder brother, I can see health problems in his future."

S: What do you think of Robin's new solo material?

M: "He should continue with it, he will do well. I don't know if he will get a global hit but it will sell well."

S: Is there disco music in the afterlife?

M: "Yes, there is, I've been doing a few harmonies."

S: What do you remember about the night of your death?

M: "I felt a pain in my stomach."

S: Who was waiting for you?

M: "My brother Andy and my dad."

S: Do you have any regrets?

M: "I wish I had been able to lead a healthier life. I was making an effort to clean stuff up but it was to little to late."

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