(New Musical Express, January 4, 1969)

Transcript by Anne Marie

The Bee Gees have decided NOT to release ‘Odessa’ as their new single – it will, instead be the title track of their next album, to be issued by Polydor on February 14 … … The two part ‘Odessa’ with music by Maurice Gibb and lyrics by Barry Gibb was to have been the Bee Gees next single, for January 17 release. But it has now been decided to include it in the groups’ new album. A single is still planned for late January issue, although titles have not been decided.

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… But here are full details of Gees LP

The complete list of tracks on the new Bee Gees album is: “Odessa (City On The Black Sea)”, “You’ll Never See My Face Again”, “Black Diamond”, “Manley Purt Drive”, “Edison”, “Melody Fair”, “Suddenly”, “Whisper, Whisper”, “Lamplight”, “Sound Of Love”, “Give Your Best”, “Seven Seas Symphony”, “With All Nations (International Anthem)”, “I Laugh In Your Face”, “Never Say Never Again”, “First Of May” and “The British Opera”. All the songs were penned by the Gibb Brothers – although “First Of May” was written by Maurice alone, after he and Lulu had split temporarily early last year.

During a week of exciting events for the Bee Gees, Maurice fell ill with a throat infection on Tuesday, three days after announcing his engagement to Lulu – and an £8,000 theft took place in Barry’s hotel suite in Sydney, when jewellery and cameras were stolen.

The group are together again on January 19 to film its guest spot in the Tom Jones TV series for which Barry and Colin Petersen are returning from Australia, while Robin Gibb flies back from his Swiss honeymoon.

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