(Richard Green, New Musical Express, January 4, 1969)

Transcript by Anne Marie

Five children! A quiet white wedding! A big house in the country! No honeymoon! Those so far, are the plans behind what promises to be the show biz wedding of 1969, between Lulu and Maurice Gibb.

A wave of surprise and excitement ran through most house holds Saturday night (or Sunday morning if people hadn’t been viewing the night before) at the announcement of the couple’s engagement. So on Monday I went round to Lulu’s St John’s Wood house to meet them both.

Maurice opened the door and led me up to the lounge. A big Christmas tree and hundreds of cards and telegrams confronted me as I asked he-of-the-new-beard when the decision to be married had been reached.

“Just before Christmas” he replied in his soft voice. “About four months ago I decided I wanted to and a week before Christmas I said ‘Let’s get married’ but Lulu said ‘No, lets get engaged first’ and I said Okay”.

“It wasn’t a rush, it just happened. Nobody pushed us into anything”

While Lulu was upstairs, Maurice spoke about the plans for the wedding, and the difficulties involved. "I can’t honestly say when we’re going to get married” he admitted. “When we get time I suppose. Lulu’s doing the series, then I go to Spain to film and when we come back, she’ll be in Blackpool doing her film.

“We can spend weekends in Spain, I suppose, then I’ll have to go to Blackpool. Urgh!”

Lulu and Maurice have been going out together on and off for about a year and it became obvious from the way they spoke that they are very much in love with one another. Maurice told me what happened on the Bee Gees recent American tour.

“I used to phone her up from Los Angeles about twice a day. Then she’d call me back” he said with a fond smile. “We used to make about ninety minute calls”

(And at around £4 a minute that cost a fair old whack!)

The down the stairs Lulu flew, rushed in like an auburn tornado eyes ablaze with happenings and dashed over to receive a kiss – from me! Lucky that Maurice is an understanding sort of chap!

“Isn’t it marvellous?” she shrieked. “I’m so thrilled”

She plonked herself down on the settee next to Maurice and answered my questions about the difficulties involved in the clash of careers.

Worry, worry

“You could sit and worry and worry” she mused. “But we’ll worry about the problems as we come to them. I’m cutting down on work and I think they are too.

“Marion (Massey, her manager) has been wonderful about it. She was as excited as I am and she suggested that I give up the business in about a year.

“She’s not like the image of a manager that is usually built up. She’s so understanding. She didn’t worry about herself she just wanted to be sure that I’d be happy

“At first, I couldn’t agree with her but the more I thought about it, the more I saw her point of view and what she was thinking. But I won’t give up – yet!”

“When she has her first baby will do,” interrupted Maurice half-joking. “She wants five and so do I. We’re agreed on that. It’s a good thing to agree on, isn’t it?”

Lulu asked me if I wanted coffee, I accepted, but she produced a bottle of Krug, the champagne among champagne. I toasted them and Lulu bubbled on, effervescently as the champagne, about her feelings for Maurice.

Then he chipped in “She went to Middlesbrough for a week and after her first day away I went potty and phoned her five times. I drove up there at 4am and arrived about 8.30 in the morning. I didn’t know where it was. All I knew was the M1. But I found her all right.”

We talked about last Saturday’s “Happening For Lulu” of course

“I was so nervous because it was the first time away from the group” Maurice smiled

Lulu added “I was thrilled that we did a bit in the show together, I thought it was the best part, maybe I’m prejudiced though!”

Maurice is giving Lulu guitar lessons and they plan to do another spot together later in the series.

How about Maurice writing something for Lulu or the pair of them doing a Jackie Trent/Tony Hatch thing together?

“She hummer something to me and I’ve got something from the hum” Maurice revealed

“Yeah I’m a great hummer. A humdinger!” Lulu joked

“Maurice was on ‘I’m A Tiger’ you know” Lulu stressed. “He always wants to play the guitar part when I do a show. He says the record is okay but he could always do it better on a show.

Then switching subjects completely she looked at him back at me grinned and asked “D’you like his beard?” yeah it does tickle a bit, but I like it”

“Robin and Barry kept telling me to shave it off” Maurice laughed. “They can’t grow one I think they’re jealous.

“But I envy Robin his voice so much so I suppose it’s equal. Sometimes his voice sounds like an instrument; it’s amazing. I wish I could sing like him”

Every now and then the light caught Lulu’s engagement ring and it dashed brilliantly. Where did it come from?

“Maurice loves driving and I love window shopping” Lulu replied. “We went round a lot of Kent villages and I saw it in a little shop. It’s a sapphire with diamonds round it. It’s Edwardian and in cabashaun style which means the stone hasn’t been cut. I like it because it looks just like a mountain”.

The wedding itself is Maurice and Lulu are determined, not going to be a mammoth Press reception type of thing, but a white family affair.

“It’s something you can look back on in twenty years time” Lulu thought. “It’s a personal thing, the most important day in your life”

Twin Robin is to be best man, with an assortment of bridesmaids and pages, including Marion Massey’s daughter Sharon; ten year old Andy Gibb; Edwina (10) and Gordon (6) two of Lulu’s little relations, and Maurice’s six year old niece Berri.

It was time for Lulu to routine at the BBC, so they offered me a lift in Maurice’s Rolls – it used to belong to King Feisal – to Marble Arch. I readily accepted having made the outward journey on a Tube train.

On the way along Edgware road, Lulu turned to me and beamed; “Isn’t it great? Everyone should try it”

A nice thought. And girls, I’m still single

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