(New Musical Express, August 30th, 1969)

Transcript by Anne Marie

The brothers Barry and Robin Gibb have broken apart with Barry continuing as the leader of the Bee Gees and Robin making a big hit as a solo artist the pictures on this page show how they have drawn apart even in appearance.

 For Barry it is still the flower-cuffed jacket and chain round the neck. For Robin it is a well-fitting suit, a collar and a tie, and a much shorter hair cut and a clean shaven face. Very different from when he was a Bee Gee.

The split has been a success all round, however, the remaining Bee Gees are still very successful, with “Don’t Forget To Remember” at no 12 (from 25) this week. And Robin is at No 3 (from 2) with ‘Saved By The Bell’. Polydor are happy with two hits in place of one too!

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