(New Musical Express, November 14th, 1970)

Transcript by Anne Marie

The Bee Gees hour long television spectacular “Cucumber Castle” will definitely be seen on BBC Tv, although the exact date has yet to be scheduled.

Robert Stigwood said “The BBC have bought the show and intent showing it. But like all of us, they have been holding back on Bee Gee projects until the three brothers were back together again.


“For this very reason we have not yet accepted any of the offers by Continental television companies for the show. But it will definitely be seen soon”.

The show scripted by the Bee Gees when they were only Barry and Maurice, does not contain footage of Robin Gibb. It was decided this week that it would be too difficult and costly to attempt to add him to the show, although if it is extended as a series, he would obviously be part of future episodes.

Robin Gibb said “It is a disappointment that I cannot be added to the show. I would have liked to have been a court jester. But I hope that the fans will understand when they see it that it does not mean we are back to two Bee Gees.

Idea Formed

“I am a part of it, in as much as the idea was formed long before the split, and the song was on one of our very early albums”.

Co-starring in the show with the Bee Gees are Lulu, Frankie Howerd, Spike Milligan, Vincent Price, Eleanor Bron and Julian Orchard. The film was produced by Mike Mansfield with Hugh Gladwish as director.

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