(New Musical Express, November 14th 1970)

Transcript by Anne Marie

A new production team makes in debut next week on the Tin Tin single ‘Come On Over Again’ die for release on November 20.

The company will be called “Moby Productions” and future labels will bear the logo of a whale, after the great white monster chased through the Arctic seas by Captain Ahab.

Does it mean that Maurice Gibb producer of the two singles and album, so far released by Tin Tin, is out of a job? Not a bit of it.

For Maurice is the ‘Mo’ in Moby. And the remainder of the name is contributed by his brother-in-law Lulu’s brother Billy Lawrie.

Maurice said “Billy and I have worked on a number of things together, and have even written some songs together. It seemed right to get the relationship onto a business footing, and Moby seemed as ideal name.

“Come On Over Again” is the first record by Tin Tin since they became a five man group, and as far as I am concerned, there couldn’t have been a better record to start Moby off.”

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