(New Musical Express, November 14th 1970)

Transcript by Anne Marie


Most people could tell you why the Bee Gees bear that name, it stands for “Brothers Gibb” or perhaps a few might hazard a guess at it being derived from the initials of big brother, Barry.

They would all be wrong. The name was born after the three brothers had been singing together on a car-racing track in Australia. And the initials belong to two other people.

Robin Gibb explains “We had been singing at this race track and there was a guy called Bill Goode in the grandstand, who was sponsoring the race.

“He had a disc jockey friend called Bill Gates, running a programme called Clatter Chatter’. We went to his studio in Brisbane and made some tapes for him to play in his show.

“When they were played people started writing in asking where they could buy them – but they were still only tapes at this stage.

“So we decided to record them and Bill Gates said that he would name is “B.G’s”. He said that he would call us that after his own initials and those of Bill Goode.

“We stuck with them for four years and then when we were doing Chubby Chequers show in 1962, we decided that initials were a bit old fashioned so we became the Bee Gees”

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