(Disc & Music Echo, August 10, 1968)

Transcript by Anne Marie


So the Bee Gees don’t consider their it their “responsibility to be in the country when the record is out” to quote Colin Petersen in a Disc interview. The dictionary definition of “responsible” is “liable to answer for;” of “good credit or position”.

You’ll certainly answer for not promoting your record as you did “Jumbo” and who gave you your good position anyway, the “mighty Stigwood”? No we did!

As you’re so keen on being responsible, Mr. Petersen, answer this: who was responsible for stopping the British Government throwing you and your “Bosom buddy” Mr Melouney out of the country? Your non-pop-conscious fans, who bought your records, provided your financial excuse to stay. Remember, we make you and we can easily break you! – Marilyn Mottram

About the article in Disc (27.7.68) titled “Can Bee Gees Afford Another Flop?” Caroline Boucher has a cheek. She has no right to call a record a flop before it has even been released.

It was said that “Jumbo” was a failure. Maybe it didn’t reach the top 20, but that is no reason to call it a failure. There were still loyal Bee Gees fans who liked the record and who bought it, although I would have liked to see the flip side “The Singer Sang His Song” the “A” side – Linda Ayres

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