(Disc & Music Echo, June 29th, 1968)

Transposed by Anne Marie


Bee Gees – Their next single will be their new album title track “Idea” – will start a two weeks European tour on September 26 with a major concert in London.

The London date – venue has still to be set – will be their only British appearance and, following the European Fortnight, Bee Gees fly to Japan for a further fortnight’s concerts. As usual, they will be accompanied by their 30 piece orchestra.

Group was to have toured Japan in July but postponed the trip after arranging to film “Frankie Howerd Meets The Bee Gees” which also stars Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger, next week for Thames Tv showing in the autumn, plus a Paris Tv spectacular.

Bee Gees, who are featured on “Time For Blackburn” this Saturday singing two songs including “World”, release the new single “Idea” on July 19th and it coincides with the release of the new album.

After issuing four singles and an album in six months, group has waited four months to follow up the ill fated “Jumbo” which got no higher than No. 27. Barry Gibb explains: “Jumbo” was a sad mistake, although we didn’t select it ourselves. Anyhow the reason for the four month delay is that we’ve become much more careful about what singles to put out.”

Bee Gees will have less than two weeks to promote the single before flying to the States for their million dollar tour which opens at Phoenix Arizona on August 1. they play the Hollywood Bowl the following day.

Contrary to reports, paper dolls will not accompany the Bee Gees on the American Tour. Only firm supporting act so far is Spanky And Our Gang.

Following the American, European and Japanese concerts, Bee gees return at the end of October to record the music for their film “Lord Kitchener’s Five Little Drummer Boys” before flying to South Africa in November to start a four month filming schedule.

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