(Disc and Music Echo, September 14, 1968)

Transcript by Anne Marie

Barry Gibb will NOT be leaving the Bee Gees despite stating on his return from America on Sunday “I am going out on my own”

The Bee Gees’ leader, who received several film offers while in Los Angeles, is instead to be allowed time off from the group commitments to appear solo in feature films.

Bee Gees’ manager Robert Stigwood, disclosing this in Brussels on Tuesday, where the boys flew for a French Tv spectacular with the international director Averti, added: “All the boys were very exhausted after a 13 hour flight back from Los Angeles and the loss of nine hours in travelling time.

“They have had a lot of touring to do this year and Barry said more than he really meant. Although he hasn’t seen the script yet, he has the starring romantic role in “Lord Kitchener’s Five Little Drummer Boys”, which will please him”

Even if he was to reconsider Barry could not leave the group before next Spring, when his current contract expires. But the rest of the group is convinced he will not quit.


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