(New Musical Express, August 23, 1969)

Transcript by Anne Marie

Frankie Howerd ad Spike Milligan are the latest star names to be added to the guest list for the Bee Gees’ Tv film “Cucumber Castle”. Filming is at present running behind schedule owing to inclement weather, and director Mike Mansfield phone the NME on Monday to say that the location set was “bogged down in a sea of mud”. Despite this, it is still hoped to complete the film by the end of next week – the final sequence will be shot next Thursday [with Richard Harris] and Friday [Sammy Davis].

The Bee Gees lost an estimated £10,000 of equipment last weekend when a thief walked into the grounds of Robert Stigwood’s house – where the special is being filmed – and drove away with the groups Ford Transit van. Among the instruments stolen was a Les Paul guitar owned by Maurice.

Bee Gee Colin Petersen this week announced he has formed a new agency company. His first signing to the firm is Keith Potger and the New Seekers.

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