(John Warecht, Miami Sun Post, 15 September 2005)

Posted by Marj L

Bowling proved to be a sport that is very much staying alive on South Beach, as four generations of Gibbs joined Bee Gees star Barry Gibb last Wednesday night at Lucky Strike, apparently the hottest birthday party spot on South Beach. The celebration was threefold: Linda and Barry's 35th wedding anniversary, Barry's birthday and Barry's son Ashley's birthday. In between bowling, the group of about 50 munched on burgers and hors d'oeuvres and sipped sour apple martinis (while some of the adult kids downed lemon drop shots). There were three separate cakes – one for each occasion – each differently decorated. The anniversary cake was two-tiered with lifelike pink roses. Barry's birthday cake, also two-tiered, had music notes and silver streamers all over it and Ashley's cake had a basketball and music theme. The party went until 10 p.m., but some of the younger Gibbs extended the stay until midnight. Of course, the whole family belted out what sources are saying was the loudest version of "Happy Birthday" to date at Lucky Strike. The tables were filled with gifts for the extravaganza and clearly the family left happy, because sources say they left a very generous tip.

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