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The Bee Gees were honored with this year's Grammy Legend Award. It was a bittersweet moment for the fraternal group, which lost brother Maurice Gibb on January 12 at age 53.

At 9.20 Ed Bradley, from CBS, introduced the boy band 'N Sync that sang an a cappella medley of Bee Gees hits, including "How Deep Is Your Love," "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" and "Stayin' Alive." As they sang, images of the Gibb brothers were shown on the screen.

Then Ed Bradley presented the Legend Award to Barry and Robin Gibb, who received a standing ovation when they walked on stage. They appeared very moved and nervous.

Barry said: "I think this is just a little bit harder than Robin and I imagined it could ever be. It's getting harder."

He went on to pay tribute to his late brother’s wife, son and daughter: "The measure of a man is his family – we think, anyway – and so we want you to meet Maurice’s family,” Barry Gibb said before pointing out his brother’s family in the audience, which drew more applause.

“I think your dad would have loved this,” he added. “We know he’s watching - he always watched the Grammys – and tonight he’s watching.”

“We love Maurice very much,” said Robin Gibb. “He is in our hearts forever and we’re very proud of him tonight.”

The evening's most moving moment came when Robin and Barry Gibb gave the Legend's Award presented to the Bee Gees to Adam Gibb, the son of their late brother, Maurice. They invited Maurice Gibb’s son Adam on stage to accept the award. Barry: " I think that the nicest thing, I think, that could happen is, is if his son came up and took this award that we're giving to Maurice, OK?"

Adam Gibb then came up to the stage. The audience was especially touched when he said: "I know how much my dad loved doing what he did, and he would have loved being here right now. I know he'd want to thank one person and that's my mom, because she was his rock." The camera showed Gibb's widow, Yvonne, wiping away tears in the audience.

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