(This Morning, ITV, December 4, 2003)

Q: This years Fame Academy had me gripped, and a lot of other people as well. Thirteen talented singers and musicians put through their paces in the glare of the TV spotlight. Alistair Griffin may have come second but he stood out to one judge in particular former Bee Gee Robin Gibb. They're both here and here's why he stood out. And they're both here now. Welcome to the both of you, thanks very much for coming in. So it's a double A side, released on the 29th December so you're way out the way of that Christmas rush and all the nonsense that goes on with that. Bring It On on one side, you've got Lovers Prayer on the other side, which we'll chat about in a moment. Did you think that, because of David Sneddon's success, did you think at any stage that they're going to go for something else here, they're going to go for something that's totally different? And Alex was so off the wall and unique, and different.

Alistair Griffin: Yeah. And I suppose, I think it is kind of shows like that generally don't produce someone like Alex. And I think it was good that she won in a way, although I have been sort of tarred with the brush of 'he's a singer, he's a songwriter. David Sneddon.' But we're very different, so...

Q: But also, it gives you the chance, when you haven't won in the glare of everything that Alex has had, it gives you a chance to look at who you are and what you want to do, I guess?

Alistair Griffin: Yeah, I've got a bit more time and I've got a lot more input on my songs. I've got an album, which I've just finished, and 90% of the tracks are original material, so..

Q: Self penned.

Alistair Griffin: Yeah.

Q: And that's coming out in January isn't it.

Alistair Griffin: That's right.

Q: And of course, the person who was championing you throughout the entire series was Robin. Lovely to see you, Robin.

Robin Gibb: Thank you. Good to see you.

Q: And you always said that he had this wonderful recording voice.

Robin Gibb: Well he does, and I said from the beginning that he was a producers dream in the studio. And I was looking from an international point of view, and that's not to say that Alex isn't international, she definitely is, but there's more than one winner on a show like this. There can only be one winner but in actual real terms there's the capacity for a lot of the artists to go on and be successful, and Alistair is one of them. It proved last year with Lemar being successful, he came third and is still tremendously successful.

Q: And so after the euphoria of the night, and Alex is off and into the flat and all that malarkey, you got the phonecall the next day from Robin, saying I'd like to see you in the studio. It was quite soon wasn't it?

Alistair Griffin: Yeah, It was literally the day after. We went down to a recording studio in Primrose Hill and cracked on with Lovers Prayer.

Q: So the party finished the night before at what time? What time did you get to bed?

Alistair Griffin: Five, six o'clock. It was quite late.

Q: And at nine o'clock the phone rang?

Alistair Griffin: Yeah. Something like that, yeah.

Q: And this little voice said "Hi, it's Robin Gibb here..

Robin Gibb: It was a little voice, yeah.

Q:. ..could you just come down the studio for two o'clock."

Robin Gibb: By the way, I wasn't the only one who was championing him. It was just that the others had various ways of critiquing and even at the end of the day, Richard Parks, who hadn't been altogether on Alistair's side right through...

Q: Oh, I noticed that, yes.

Alistair Griffin: Funny.

Robin Gibb: Even at the end of the programme he actually said really positive and good things about Alistair. So, you know, he saw the potential at the end.

Q: And why did you pick this Lovers Prayer? Why did you pick that?

Robin Gibb: Lovers Prayer was actually on a Bee Gee album in '97 which had the single Alone on it, which was a huge hit at the beginning of the album, and I wanted this to be the follow up. But somehow it didn't come out and this has always been a great favourite of mine. I always said that one day this is going to come out and when I heard Alistair sing I thought this would be an ideal song to do with him.

Q: Well, you're going to give us the opportunity to listen to it as well, My Lovers Prayer, a duet between the both of you. Must be very scary to work with Robin, is it?

Alistair Griffin: Not at all, actually.

Q: No?

Alistair Griffin: He's very easy to work with.

Q: That's lovely. Alistair Griffin and Robin Gibb have promised to sing their new single, My Lovers Prayer, and here they are.

They perform My Lover's Prayer

Q: Well done gentlemen. Thank you very much, that's beautiful, lovely. That should've been out at Christmas that one, that's a cracker.

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