(By Garth Pearce, Scottish Daily Press, May 26, 1983)

Rock star, Robin Gibb talked bitterly last night about the cost of his broken marriage.

"I have had to pay out at least �million," said the 32-year old Bee Gee. "But there were other things too, that just destroyed me emotionally."

He was divorced from his ex-typist wife Molly, six months ago, with an undisclosed settlement, after 13 years of marriage.

Robin held hands with his new love, erotic artist Dwina Waterfield as he added: "Once the emotion left me, anger took over. We were married for all those years. Why did she do that to me?"

"It was nothing to do with me being away on tour all the time. She was having an affair with a New York lawyer - and it took me a long time to find out."

"I honestly believe she was in love with this man. Once a wife falls in love with someone else, you can do nothing about it. Marriage is out of the window."

"Yet did it have to be such a messy, upsetting business? She was still the mother of my children, despite everything."

Robin claims that he has been able to see the children, son Spencer, 10 and eight-year old Melissa only once in three years.

He spoke frankly about discovering his ex-wife's affair. "She began staying in our New York home when I wasn't there," he said.

"I thought she was falling in love with America when all the time she was falling in love with the lawyer down the road!"

"I was distraught to learn the truth, I really was."

Girlfriend Dwina, 30 - they share the same birthday, December 22 - has lived with him for a year. Will they marry one day? Said Robin: "I have not been put off marriage."

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