(Daily Mirror, July 20, 1981)

Millionaire pop star Robin Gibb accused his wife yesterday of organizing a �million "criminal conspiracy" against him.

Bee Gee Gibb announced that he had launched a lawsuit which could send his estranged wife Molly to jail.

"After what has happened, I can never forgive her," the 32 year-old star said as he flew by Concorde from London to Miami. Robin claims that Molly, who still lives in their �0,000 Surrey mansion, set up the conspiracy with handsome black show business lawyer Ashley Adams.

The plot, he alleges, was to try to get him to accuse Molly of adultery; then they would hit him with a �million slander action.

Robin also claims he and a private detective broke into his Weybridge house last summer to get evidence of the alleged conspiracy. "By breaking into my own home," he said, "I was able to get hold of papers and documents, including letters from Molly. At the time, she was in New York."

Robin, one of rock music's richest stars, said he had informed local police about the break-in he staged at his own home. Police confirmed that an incident was reported last August in which he broke into his home after telling them he needed to do so because he had no keys.

Robin said, "I haven't said anything about this till now. My London lawyer has prepared the case which will come up in London in a few months. The whole thing has been a terrible shock, but I am determined to go ahead. The papers containing the proof have been shown to Scotland Yard and the FBI." Molly denied everything yesterday.

"The allegations are absolutely untrue," she said. "The only part of what he said that has any truth in it is that he did break in here while I was away. But he certainly didn't find anything incriminating. The whole matter is now in the hands of my solicitor, who has advised me to say nothing more at the moment except that all the allegations against me are completely untrue."

Lawyer Adams, who has offices on Manhattan's fashionable Fifth Avenue and on Broadway, was unavailable for comment yesterday. But an associate said, "It's an astonishing allegation that Robin is making."

The Gibb's stormy twelve-year marriage broke up last year. But they had been largely separated for several years when Molly and their two children, Spencer, nine, and Melissa, seven - stayed in the Weybridge mansion while Robin and his brothers settled down in the USA.

Robin is expected to battle for custody of his children.

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