(Disc & Music Echo, May 31, 1969)

Bee Gee Maurice Gibb may turn down his part in the film version of the hit show "Hair" - because the role requires him to appear in the nude.

While Maurice was holidaying in New York this week with Lulu, his brother Barry, who is to play the starring part of "Claud" told Disc: "Maurice doesn't like at all the idea of being seen nude on the screen and may back out of the film because of it."

As exclusively revealed in Disc last week, Maurice plays the part of "Wolf" who falls in love with a picture of Mick Jagger, while Barry plays "Claud".

No such problems for Barry. "In the nude scene, 'Claud' is kept covered up in a white shirt," he said. "My own first reaction to the offer to appear in "Hair" was to turn it down as well - because I love stories, and there's no real story in this show. I also think that the bulk of the public hate hippies which is what it's all about. Still, the show has been a huge success and I will do the film. But later on, I'd love to do a film with a real storyline."

Bee Gees meanwhile release their new single, "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" - their first which does not feature Robin Gibb - tomorrow (Friday) and at the same time Barry Gibb confirmed that Maurice does play on the solo single, "Saved by the Bell" which Robin has said he plans to release. "I don't see how Robin can go ahead with this single in view of this fact" says Barry. "As for its being a very commercial hit record, I've heard it and frankly I just can't agree."

A reconciliation with Robin now seems right out of the question and Barry is ready to audition a permanent replacement.

Bee Gee Maurice Gibb was resting two black eyes today (Thursday) but, according to brother Barry, has not broken his nose as reported on Tuesday following his crash on Monday night when he swerved to avoid a hit and run driver just l0 yards from his home in Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London.

The crash occurred when Maurice, driving home from dinner at "Mr Chow's" restaurant in Knightsbridge, saw a car attempting to overtake at high speed in the rear view mirror of his Rolls-Royce and swerved to avoid it only to crash into a high kerb. The overtaking car drove on without stopping.

Maurice's two passengers were both hurt. Fashion photographer Brian Duffy broke his nose as he hit the car's mirror, while Roberto Bassanini, a close friend of Cynthia Lennon, who was in Maurice's house with Lulu, suffered severe facial cuts.

Maurice ran to his house where Lulu collapsed with shock. They then phoned Barry, who lives in nearby Eaton Square, and he drove the injured passengers to St. George's Hospital. Said Maurice "I'm lucky, I was the least hurt of the three of us".

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