(January, 1984)

Bee Gee Robin Gibb has set up house with a porn queen - right in the midst of a multimillion dollar divorce battle with his wife.

But the 35 year-old rock superstar has told his new girlfriend, Dwina Waterfield, that she will have to give up her past lifestyle if she wants to stay with him.

Blond Dwina, who starred in several blue films and posed and wrote articles for porno magazines, moved into Robin's 'large cottage' in an 'exclusive' suburb outside London, England, a couple of weeks ago.

A close friend of Dwina's, who wouldn't be named, said Robin didn't want his girlfriend's sexy past to shatter the Bee Gees' family image.

"They seem very much in love and I am told that Robin has even given her an engagement ring," added the friend.

Robin's new romance comes hot on the heels of the bizarre breakup of his 12 year marriage to his now-estranged wife Molly, mother of his two children.

The millionaire rock star threatened to have his wife put in prison, claiming she was trying to frame him.

But Molly, who is suing Robin for a whopping $9 million, denies his charges that she tried to pretend she was having an affair with her American lawyer in a plot to sue the star for slander.

When reporters found Dwina in Robin's large cottage, Dwina refused to discuss their relationship. "I don't want to talk about it. There is nothing to say," she said.

And Robin's personal assistant, Ken Greydon, said: "They do not want to talk. It's that simple."

When shown a copy of a sex magazine featuring Dwina, he said: "So what? We still have nothing to say."

And a spokesman for a sex magazine in which Dwina appeared said she had been a very popular model.

A friend at Dwina's old home in London confirmed she had left.

"She moved out last week and is living with Robin - that is all we can say," the friend said.

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