(Fab 208, April 1969)

Barry's staunchest fan is without doubt his eleven-year-old brother Andy. They are a decade apart in age, but in fact are very close.

Says Andy: "I think he's my favourite brother, he's so kind and generous, and when he comes to visit us he plays with me. I've only got to ask for something and he'll buy it for me. I think he's too soft-hearted, people can talk him into things and he hates hurting anyone.

For my eleventh birthday he bought me a horse which I've called Gala. He has just bought the bridle and saddle for it and he also paid for the delivery from Sussex.

I see him about twice a week. He takes me out for rides in his Bentley but he doesn't let me have a go at driving it, though!  I go up to his flat sometimes, and we play together.

He's very kind and generous and when I grow up I hope I'm like him."

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