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Full name: Barry Alan Crompton Gibb
Birthday: September 1, 1946
Birth place: Douglas (Isle of Man - British Isles)

Height: 1.80 m (5.11 ft)
Hair colour: Brown
Eyes colour: Brown

Marital status: Married to Linda since 1970, with five children: Stephen (1973), Ashley (1977), Travis (1981), Michael (1984), and Alexandra (1991). His two eldest boys -Stephen and Ashley- got married in November 2002. He has three grand-children: Nina (Stephen's child, born Dec 27, 2002), Lucas John Crompton (Ashley's child, born Dec 28, 2003) and Damien Michael Crompton (Michael's child, born Jan 5, 2005)

Home: Barry Gibb lives in Miami Beach, but has also a house in England.

Personality: Perfectionist, diplomatic, home-loving, sensitive, concerned with public image, gentle but with outbursts. Loves watching TV, cars, tennis, and reading about the paranormal. After having health problems, he's now a vegetarian.

Barry and the Bee Gees: Barry started singing with his brothers at a very young age and wrote his first song before the age of ten. The driving force of the band, he plays rhythm guitar and sings lead on most Bee Gees songs, however he considers himself more a songwriter than a singer.

Going solo: Barry Gibb has released a solo album and a soundtrack (More info).
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Collaborations: With an outstanding talent for songwriting, Barry started writing songs for other artists at the age of 16. He has had several number one hits ('I just want to be your everything' performed by Andy Gibb, 'Grease' by Frankie Valli, 'Woman in love' by Barbra Streisand, among others). He has also produced or co-produced several acts: The Marbles, Samantha Sang, Network, Andy Gibb, Teri di Sario, Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwick, Kenny Rogers, Diana Ross, Lulu.

  • Songs (just a few instances):
Noeleen Batley: 'Padre' / Watching the hours go by' (Festival FK 1143)
B-side written by Barry Gibb
Hore 1965
John Hore: HIT THE TRAIL (JBL AR 101)
With a song, 'Tribute to an unknown love,' written by Barry Gibb.
Jerry Vale: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HER (Columbia 30799)
It features 'Moonlight', written by Barry Gibb.
Cliff Richard: SOMETHIN' GOIN ON (Decca)
Featuring 'I cannot give you my love' written by Barry and Ashley Gibb, released also as a single (Decca 4756611). Maurice Gibb on keyboards, Barry Gibb on backing vocals.
Wayne Newton: RED ROSES FOR A BLUE LADY (Capitol ST 2335)
It features the Barry Gibb song 'They'll never know'.
Steve and the Board: The GIGGLE EYED GOO (Spin EL 31997)
With the song 'Little Miss Rhythm and Blues' written by Barry Gibb.
GREASE (RSO RS-2-4002) (CD: Polydor 825 095-2)
It features the song 'Grease', written by Barry Gibb.
  • Backing vocals:

Jordan Hill: JORDAN HILL (143 Records)
It features the song 'Too much heaven.' Backing vocals and arrangement by Barry Gibb
Michael Bublé: MICHAEL BUBLE (Warner Bros)
It features the Gibb song 'How can you mend a broken heart'. Vocal contribution by Barry Gibb.
Paul Anka: A BODY OF WORK (Columbia EK-69405)
Barry Gibb sings backing vocals on 'Yo te amo' (Do I love you) .

  • Production:

The Marbles: 'I can't see nobody' / 'Little boy' (Polydor 56378)
Both sides co-written and produced by Barry Gibb.
Network: NETWORK (Epic PE 34979)
Co-produced by Barry Gibb. It features 'Save me, save me', wriiten by Barry Gibb and Albhy Galuten, which also was the A-side of the single.
Samantha Sang: EMOTION (USA: Private Stock PS 7009 & PVLP 1039)
Co-produced by Barry Gibb, who also sang backing vocals and co-wrote three songs.
Teri de SARIO: PLEASURE TRAIN (Casablanca)
Co-produced by Barry Gibb. It features: 'Ain't nothing gonna keep me from you'. Backing vocals by Barry Gibb
Barbra Streisand: GUILTY (CBS 86122)
Co-produced by Barry Gibb, who sings on two of the songs and co-wrote all the songs on the album.
Co-produced by Barry Gibb, who also contributed vocally and co-wrote all the songs.
Lulu: INDEPENDENCE (Dome 1001)
Co-produced by Barry and Maurice Gibb. Barry Gibb plays the guitar and sings backing vocals. He also co-wrote one of the songs.
Samantha Sang: 'The love of a woman' / 'Don't let it happen again' (Parlophone)
Both sides written by Barry and Maurice Gibb. Produced by Barry Gibb.
Andy Gibb: FLOWING RIVERS (Polydor 2394 183)
Co-production and vocal contribution of Barry Gibb, who also co-wrote two of the songs.
Andy Gibb: SHADOW DANCING (Polydor 2394 202)
Co-produced by Barry Gibb, who also sang backing vocals and co-wrote four songs.
Andy Gibb: AFTER DARK (Polydor 2394 247)
Co-produced by Barry Gibb, who also co-wrote all the songs. He also sings backing vocals and plays the guitar.
Dionne Warwick: HEARTBREAKER (GER: Arista 204 974 / NL: Arista ARI 90040)
Co-produced by Barry Gibb, who also contributed vocally and co-wrote all the songs.
Diana Ross: EATEN ALIVE (NL: Capitol/EMI 24 0408 1 / USA: RCA AFK 1- 5422)
Co-produced by Barry Gibb, who also contributed vocally and co-wrote all the songs.
Barbra Streisand: GUILTY PLEASURES or GUILTY TOO (Columbia)
Co-produced by Barry Gibb, who sings lead with Barbara on two of the songs and co-wrote all the songs with his sons Ashley and Steve.

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