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(aka Barry's Babe, from Bridgeport, PA)

Well I have loved the Brothers Gibb since 1967.....that is a long time of loving <G>

They are THE most compassionate, caring, kind celebrities/men I have EVER met in my life.   They  care so much for the fans....they know if it weren't for uzz fans they would not be where they are today.

Let's start with this....I met Mo May the AGMF in MIAMI....then I met Rob Dec 1999/Jan 2000after the BG2K concert at the studio.

Now mind you both times I am not seeing heart is broken by now....but I wasn't giving up....I went back to Miami end of May/early June....saw Mo and Rob no Barry as Linda was having I understoond he had to be with her.<G>  

THEN....I went back in Oct was a Thursday....I was at the studio with a bunch of friends....Mo pulls up and gets out of the car...we chat and get pics and autographs and he tells me there will 3 Brothers there tomorrow at 4...I said I will believe it when I see Barry pull into the parking lot....well that night I can't sleep PRAYING I would FINALLY meet my idol.....well the next day we are at the studio early cuz if Barry does show I wasn't going to miss him....well it was 3:45 and low and behold the black BENTLEY pulls into the parking lot and it is BARRY!!!!!  The pics will tell you how the meeting went....

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The next one was taken in New York, on April 23 2001:
New York April 23 2001

Laura and Robin in 2001:
2001 2001

Laura with Maurice and Barry at the 2002 Love and Hope Ball:
Love and Hope Ball - 2002 Love and Hope Ball - 2002

Laura and the three brothers in 2002:
February 2002 February 2002 February 2002 February 2002
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