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Who are The Bee Gees?

The Bee Gees are three brothers: Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb; three outstanding songwriters, singers, producers and musicians. In the music business for over 40 years and with world-wide record sales exceeding 180 million, they are in the top five of the most successful recording artists of all time.

Barry Alan Crompton Gibb
(Sept. 1, 1946)
Vocals, guitar

Robin Hugh Gibb
(Dec. 22, 1949)

Maurice Ernest Gibb
(Dec. 22, 1949 - January 12, 2003)
Vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards


Maurice Gibb: When we were about five or six we decided to call ourselves The Rattlesnakes. Later on, after we moved to Australia, we were singing at a racing event in Brisbane when we got chatting to a DJ called Bill Gates and a racing driver named Bill Goode. They came over to our house and there was my mum, Mrs Barbara Gibb, the brothers Gibb and Barry Gibb, then Bill Gates said there were so many Bee Gees in the room that that was what we should call each other, and it stuck. (OK On Air, 2001)