Robert Stigwood & Dee Anthony:
The Official Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band Scrapbook
Pocket Books, 1978
(80 pp)
Jordi Sierra: 
Bee Gees. Night fever y Sgt Pepper's.
Unilibro, 1978.
In Spanish.
Henry Edwards:
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
New York: Pocket Books, 1978
(190 pp)
Kim Stevens:
The Bee Gees
Quick Fox, 1978
(92 pp)
Kim Stevens:
The Bee Gees. A Photo-Bio
Jove Books, 1978
(192 pp)

All three books by Kim Stevens are the same.
Kim Stevens:
The Bee Gees
Scholastic Books, 1978
(110 pp)
Craig Schumacher:
The Bee Gees
Creative Education, 1979
(32 pp)
Michael Henkels:
Bee Gees. Die superstars der 70er jahre
Taurus-Press, 1978.
In German.

David English:
The Legend
London: Octopus/Pinnacle, 1979
(160 pp)


Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb:
The Authorized Biography
Dell Publishing, 1979.
(160 pp)


Larry Pryce:
The Bee Gees
New York: Chelsea House, 1980.
London: Panther/Granada, 1979.
(140 pp)
Dick Tatham:
The Incredible Bee Gees
Futura Puiblications, 1979
Silvia Guglielmi:
Bee Gees
Roma: Latoside Editori, 1981
In Italian.
Norbert Lipp:
The Bee Gees. Karriere, flops und hits der Brüder Gibb
In German.
Petra Zeitz:
Bee Gees
Vip, 1992.
(80 pp)
In German.
Carlos Zanon:
The Bee Gees. La importancia
de ser un grupo pop

Ediciones Jucar, 1998.
(234 pp)
In Spanish.
Melinda Bilyeu, Hector Cook, Andrew Môn Hughes:
The Bee Gees. Tales of the Brothers Gibb
Omnibus Press, 2000.
Bill DeMain:
Behind the Muse
Tiny Ripple Books, 2001.

With an interview with Barry Gibb
Alan Thicke:
How men have babies
Jordere Group, 2003.

With an anecdote by Barry Gibb

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