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01  1976: 'You should be dancing' enters the French charts

: Andy Gibb's band Melody Fayre plays at the Peveril Hotel, on the Isle of Man / 1979: The Bee Gees play at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado  (Spirits Having Flown tour) / 1980: Samantha Gibb's birthday

03     1979: Bee Gees play in Salt Lake City (Spirits Having Flown tour)

04     1991: Bee Gees play in Dublin (High Civilization tour) / 2004: Robin Gibb performance at A Capitol Fourth in Washington DC

05     1979: Bee Gees play in San Diego, California (Spirits Having Flown tour)

06     1984: Andy Gibb plays in Brazil / 1991: Bee Gees play in Birmingham, UK (High Civilization tour)

Posted by Claudio Milan
07     1979: Bee Gees play at Dodger's Stadium in Los Angeles (Spirits Having Flown tour)

09     1969: Barry Gibb records 'The Day Your Eyes Meet Mine' / 1983: Release of the soundtrack to Stayin' alive

10     1979: Bee Gees play in Oakland, California  (Spirits Having Flown tour) / 1983: Staying Alive enters the Japanese charts

11     1976: Andy Gibb and Kim Reeder's wedding day

12     1968: Bee Gees record 'I've Gotta Get A Message To You' / 1969: Barry gets Best Dressed Pop Star award / 1978: The single 'Shadow dancing' certified platinum (USA) / 2003: Robin Gibb appears on Spanish TV programme Musica Si

13    1979: Bee Gees play in Seattle, Washington (Spirits Having Flown tour) /  1989: Bee Gees appear on David Letterman's show

14     1967: Bee Gees First released in the UK / 1977: The Bee Gees on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

15     1971: Bee Gees play at the Festival Hall in Melbourne/ 1979: Bee Gees play in Vancouver, Canada (Spirits Having Flown tour)

17     1967: Bee Gees start recording their album Horizontal / 1971: Bee Gees play in Perth, Australia / 1979: Bee Gees play in Portland, Oregon (Spirits Having Flown tour)

18     1978: Sgt Pepper's premiere in L.A.

19     1969: Robin Gibb records 'To Heaven And Back'

21     1967: The Bee Gees play at Stockholm's Concert House, Sweden / 1979: Bee Gees play in St Paul, Minnesota (Spirits Having Flown tour)

     1972: 'Run to me' enters UK charts

24     1979: Bee Gees play in Aimes, Iowa (Spirits Having Flown tour)

25     1979: Bee Gees play in Madison, Wisconsin (Spirits Having Flown tour)

26     1975: 'Jive talkin' goes No 1 in Canada / 1979: Bee Gees play at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis (Spirits Having Flown tour)

27     1968: Robin Gibb collapses as the group are about to set out on their first US tour, suffering from nervous exhaustion / 2001: One night only certified platinum (USA)

28    1979: Bee Gees play in Pontiac, Michigan (Spirits Having Flown tour)

29    1972: 'Run to me' enters USA charts / 1989: Bee Gees play in Minnesota (One For All tour)

30     1967: Bee Gees record 'Birdie Told Me' / 1977: 'I just want to be your everything' Number One in the USA / 1979: Bee Gees play in Chicago, Illinois (Spirits Having Flown tour)

31     1971: 'How can you mend a broken heart' goes No 1 in Canada / 1985: Robin Gibb and Dwina Murphy's wedding day