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Collaborator: Carol Harper

01   1989: Bee Gees play at Wembley Arena in London (One For All Tour) / 1994: Bee Gees inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

02     1981: The Pirates of Penzance opening / 1998: Still Waters certified platinum (USA) / 1998: Bee Gees announcement of upcoming One Night Only concerts

04     1969: 'Tomorrow, tomorrow enters the British charts / 1974: Andy Gibb's band Melody Fayre plays at Ballamona Hospital on the Isle of Man / 1977: Here at last enters USA charts

05     1988: Bee Gees play at the Prince's Trust Concert (Royal Albert Hall, London)

06     1991: High Civilization Tour: Hamburg (Germany)

07    1997: 'Alone' enters USA charts

08     2002: Commander Mo's Paintball Shop Grand Opening

09     1979: 'Love you inside out' Number One in the USA / 2005: Robin Gibb's concert in Hong Kong (Magnetic Tour)

10    1971: The Melody soundtrack enters the Japanese charts /  1989: One For All tour: Bee Gees play in Brussels (Esplanade du Cinquantenaire) / 2003: Robin Gibb releases his single 'Wait forever' / 2005: Robin Gibb's concert in Hong Kong (Magnetic Tour)

11     1988: Bee Gees play at Nelson Mandela's Tribute Concert (Wembley stadium, London) / 2005: Robin Gibb's concert in Hong Kong (Magnetic Tour)

12     1971: Bee Gees record 'You Know It's For You'

13     1967: Bee Gees appear on British TV program As you like it / 1970: Bee Gees record 'Lay It On Me'
/ 2005: Robin Gibb's Cd and Dvd "Live" released in UK and other countries
14     1968: Bee Gees record 'Kilburn Towers'

15     1974: Andy Gibb's band Melody Fayre plays at Ramsey, on the Isle of Man

16     2003: Robin Gibb promotes his album Magnet in Madrid, Spain

17     1974: Melissa Gibb's birthday / 1978: 'Shadow dancing' Number One in the USA / 1978: The single 'Shadow dancing' certified gold (USA) / 2001: Bee Gees play at the Wango Tango concert at the Dodger Stadium (USA)

18     1968: Bee Gees record 'When The Shallows Fly' / 2003: Robin Gibb promo appearance in Barcelona

19     1981: Andy Gibb interviewed on the Merv Griffin Show (CBS)

21     1975: Main course enters USA charts / 1976: 'You should be dancing' released in the UK / 1983: Robin John Gibb's birthday / 1997: 'I could not love you more' enters UK charts / 1999:One Night Only certified gold (USA)

22     1973: Bee Gees release 'Wouldn't I be someone' / 1973: Bee Gees on the Midnight Special / 2004: Stayin Alive makes the Top Ten in a poll of the best movie songs of all time

23     2003: Release of Robin's album Magnet in Spain

24     1973: Bee Gees play at the London Palladium / 1977: Here at last...Bee Gees...live certified gold (USA)

25     1968: Bee Gees record 'I Started A Joke' / 1969: Robin Gibb plays solo for the first time / 1991: Bee Gees play in Barcelona - High Civilization Tour / 2004: Robin Gibb performance at the Hollywood Bowl

26     1971: 'How can you mend a broken heart' enters USA charts / 1991: Bee Gees play in Madrid (Spain) - High Civilization Tour

27     1969: Robin Gibb releases 'Saved by the bell'

28     1975: 'Jive talkin' enters UK charts / 1979: Bee Gees play at the Tarrant Country Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas (first date of the Spirits Having Flown tour); John Travolta joins them on stage / 2003: Robin Gibb's mini concert in Germany / 2005: Robin Gibb appearance on Thomas Gottschalk Late Night (ZDF - Germany).

29     1979: The Bee Gees play in Austin, Texas (Spirits Having Flown tour)

30     1979: The Bee Gees play in Houston, Texas (Spirits Having Flown tour). John Travolta was in Houston at the time, filming "Urban Cowboy," and he came out on stage and danced to "You Should Be Dancing" during the encore.