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01   How about listening to 'First of May'? / 1978: 'Night fever' certified gold in the UK

02     1976: The Bee Gees record 'Rest Your Love On Me' / 1978: The single 'Night fever' certified platinum (USA) / 1991: Bee Gees appearance on Arsenio Hall's show

03    1968: The Bee Gees play in Belfast / 1989: The Bee Gees play in Dortmunt, Germany (One For All tour)

05    1998: The stage musical Saturday Night Fever opens in London

06     1976: The Bee Gees record 'You Should Be Dancing' / 1978: At a joint news conference at the United Nations in NY with David Frost, Bee Gees announce the Music For Unicef benefit concert / 1997: Bee Gees inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame / 2003: Robin Gibb apeears on 'American Idol' TV show

07     1980: After Dark certified gold (USA)

08     1997: Bee Gees appear on David Letterman Show

09     1989: Bee Gees play in Copenhagen (One For All tour)

10     1971: 2 years on enters the Japanese charts

11     1950: Linda Gibb's birthday / 1967: First Bee Gees British appearance on Top of the Pops; they perform 'New York mining disaster 1941'. Maurice Gibb meets Lulu

12     1978: The Bee Gees get two Ivor Novello Awards for 'How deep is your love' / 2001: This is where I came in enters USA album charts / 2004: Bee Gees receive honorary degrees in Music from Manchester University / 2004: Barry and Robin Gibb open a school recording studio named in memory of Maurice at Oakwood High (Manchester)

13     1974: Mr Natural released in the USA / 1978: 'If I can't have you' Number One in the USA / 1989: One For All tour: Bee Gees play in Nurnburg (Germany)

14     1979: The single 'Tragedy' certified platinum (USA) / 1997: The Bee Gees sing the theme song with Ellen in the opening sequence of Ellen 's episode 'Moving on' (season 4, episode 24)

15     1988: Bee Gees apperance at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary commemoration / 1989: One For All tour: Bee Gees play in Frankfurt (Germany)

16     1974: The Bee Gees play at the Golden Garter theatre-restaurant in Manchester

17     1979: The Bee Gees on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

18     1979: Hugh and Barbara Gibb appear on 'Dinah Shore Show' (CBS)

19     1978: The single 'Shadow dancing' certified gold (USA)

20     1967: Bee Gees appear on German TV programme Beat-Club and perform 'New York mining disaster 1941'

21     1983: 'The woman in you' enters USA charts

22     1980: Molly Gibb announces her filing for divorce

24     1997: Still waters enters USA charts / 2005: launched

25     1967: The Bee Gees play at the Liverpool University / 1989: One enters the Japanese charts / 1991: The Bee Gees play in Kiel, Germany (High Civilization Tour)

26     1970: The stage musical Sing a rude song reopens in the West End, London / 2005: Robin Gibb presents International Single award to U2 at the Ivor Novello Awards.

27     1944: Hugh and Barbara Gibb's wedding day / 1967: 'New York mining disaster' enters USA charts / 2004: Barry, Robin and Adam Gibb (on behalf of his father Maurice Gibb) collect their CBEs honours from the Prince of Wales

28     1969: Maurice has a car accident in London / 1978: Andy Gibb plays in Richmond, Va, USA

30     1975: The Bee Gees play in Dayton, Ohio

31     1969: 'Tomorrow tomorrow' enters USA charts / 1975: 'Jive talkin' enters USA charts