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01   1987: 'You win again' certified silver in the UK

02    1976: Children of the world enters USA album charts / 1979: Bee Gees play in Greensboro, North Carolina (Spirits Having Flown Tour) / 1980: Bee Gees sue Robert Stigwood

03     1967: Bee Gees record 'With The Sun In My Eyes' / 1979: Bee Gees play in Columbia, South Carolina (Spirits Having Flown Tour)

04    1975: 'Nights on Broadway' enters USA charts /  1979: Bee Gees play in Jacksonville, Florida (Spirits Having Flown Tour) / 1998: Bee Gees join Celine Dion on stage  to perform 'Immortality'

05     1970: Bee Gees record 'Tell Me Why', 'Alone Again' and 'Portrait of Louise' / 1979: Bee Gees play in Miami (Spirits Having Flown Tour)

06     1978: 'Too much heaven enters the French charts / 1979: Bee Gees play in Miami (Spirits Having Flown Tour)

07     1977: Andy Gibb performs 'Love is thicker than water' on the Midnight Special

08     1969: Bee Gees record 'IOIO'

10     1969: Bee Gees record 'The Chance Of Love'

12     1964: Bee Gees' 5th single 'Turn around look at me' / 'Theme form The travels of Jamie McPheeters' released / 1973: Bee Gees on the Midnight Special / 1999: Bee Gees stamps issued by the Isle of Man Post Office Service

13    1967: Bee Gees appear on Crackerjack (BBC1) / 1971: Bee Gees record 'My World'

14     1967: 'Massachusetts' Number One in the UK

15     1969: Bee Gees record 'End Of MySong'

16     1969: Bee Gees record 'Julia'

17     1975: Maurice Gibb and Yvonne Spenceley's wedding day / 1987: 'You win again' Number One in the UK / 1998: One Night Only concert: Buenos Aires, Argentina

18     1983: The single 'Islands in the stream' certified gold (USA)

21     1972: Bee Gees record 'Alive' / 1999: The stage musical Saturday Night Fever opens in New York

22    1977: 'I just want to be your everything' Number One in Australia

23     1971: 'Don't wanna live inside myself' enters USA charts / 1997: Maurice Gibb takes part in an online chat for Capital FM

24     1969: 'Don't forget to remember' goes No 1 in South Africa / 1996: Bee Gees play at the VH-1 Fashion Awards

25     1980: 'Woman in love' Number One in the USA and the UK / 1987: ESP enters the Japanese charts

26     1984: Guilty certified multiplatinum (USA) / 1998: Tribute album Gotta get a message to you released

27     1980: Robert Stigwood sues the Bee Gees for libel

29     1977: 'How deep is your love' enters UK charts / 1983: 'Islands in the stream' Number One in the USA / 2003: Robin Gibb interviewed on Frank Skinner Show (ITV1)

30     1986: Bee Gees sign contract with Warner Bros Music / 1997: Bee Gees appearance on Clive Anderson All Talk (BBC1)

31     1968: Bee Gees play in Bremen / 1983: Eyes that see in the dark certified gold and platinum (USA)