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January 15, 1916
Hugh Gibb, the brothers Gibb's father, was born in Manchester

November 17, 1920
Barbara Gibb, the Gibb's mother, was born in Manchester

May 27, 1944
Hugh and Barbara Gibb got married

January 12, 1945
Hugh and Barbara Gibb had their first child, Lesley

September 1, 1946
Barry was born

December 22, 1949
Robin and Maurice were born

May 11, 1950
Linda Gibb (Barry's wife) was born

September 24, 1950
Yvonne Gibb (Maurice's wife) was born

December 22, 1952
Dwina Murphy-Gibb (Robin's wife) was born

March 5, 1958
Andy Gibb was born

September 29, 1964
Bernice Gibb was born. Bernice (Beri) is Lesley's daughter, but Hugh and Barbara adopted her

August 22, 1966
Barry married Maureen Bates

February 1967
Robin met Molly Hullis

May 11, 1967
Maurice met Lulu

September 21, 1967
Barry met Linda Gray

November 5, 1967
Robin and Molly hurt in train crash

December 4, 1968
Robin and Molly got married

December 28, 1968
Maurice Gibb and Lulu announced their engagement

February 18, 1969
Maurice and Lulu's wedding day

July 1970
Barry got divorce decree

September 1, 1970
Barry married Linda

November 1971
Hugh and Barbara moved to Ibiza (Spain) with Andy and Beri

September 21, 1972
Robin's first child, Spencer, was born in England

April 1973
Maurice and Lulu separated

December 1, 1973
Barry's first child, Stephen, was born in England

January 1974
Barry and his family moved to the Isle of Man. Hugh and Barbara also moved there with Andy and Beri

April 1974
Maurice met Yvonne Spenceley in Leeds

June 17, 1974
Robin's daughter, Melissa was born in England

September 1974
Andy moved to Australia

August 21, 1975
Maurice and Lulu legally divorced

September 1975
Barbara moved to Australia to be with Andy. Soon Hugh and Beri would follow

October 17, 1975
Maurice married Yvonne

February 23, 1976
Maurice's first child, Adam was born in England

March 1976
Maurice and his family moved from Sussex to the Isle of Man

July 11, 1976
Andy Gibb and Kim Reeder got married in Australia. They then moved to the States

May 1977
Barry and his family moved to Florida. Soon Hugh, Barbara and Beri joined them

August 1977
Maurice and his family moved to Florida

September 8, 1977
Barry's son Ashley was born in Miami Beach

January 25, 1978
Andy's daughter Peta was born in Australia

May 22, 1980
Molly Gibb announced her filing for divorce

July 2, 1980
Maurice's daughter Samantha was born in Miami Beach

January 6, 1981
Andy Gibb appeared on the John Davidson Show and met Victoria Principal

January 10, 1981
Barry's son Travis was born in Miami Beach

Robin met Dwina Murphy

June 21, 1983
Robin's son Robin John was born in Miami Beach

December 1, 1984
Barry's son Michael was born in Miami Beach

July 31, 1985
Robin and Dwina's wedding day

March 10, 1988
Andy Gibb died in England

March 2, 1991
Beri Gibb married Harry Rhoades

December 29, 1991
Barry's daughter Alexandra was born in Miami Beach

February 23, 1992
Maurice and Yvonne renewed wedding vows

March 6, 1992
Hugh Gibb died

November 7, 2002
Barry's son Stephen married Gloria Levas

November 9, 2002
Barry's son Ashley married Theresa Halmann

December 27, 2002
Nina, Stephen and Gloria's daughter, was born (Barry's grand-daughter)

January 12, 2003
Maurice Gibb died

December 28, 2003
Lucas John Crompton, Ashley and Therese Gibb's son, was born  (Barry's grandson)

January 5, 2005
Damien Michael Crompton Gibb, Michael Gibb and Lisa Fagiano's son, was born  (Barry's grandson)

1 Barry Gibb is born (at 8.45 a.m.) at the Jane Crookall Maternity Home in Douglas

22 Robin (at 3.15 a.m.) and Maurice (at 3.50 a.m) are born at the Jane Crookall Maternity Home in Douglas

The Gibbs move to Manchester

The brothers start singing harmony on their own

1 Barry has started writing songs and gets his first guitar

28 The three Gibb brothers and their two friends Paul Frost and Kenny Horrocks perform at the Gaumont theatre in Manchester at the interval of the matinee. They call themselves The Rattlesnakes

5 Andy Gibb is born (at 6.30 a.m.) at the Stretford Memorial Hospital in Manchester

Paul and Kenny leave the band. The brothers change their name to Wee Johnny Hayes and The Blue Cats

The Gibbs move to Australia. The boys sing informally aboard the ship as Barry and The Twins

The brothers sing at the Redcliffe Speedway between races. The Speedway's owner, Bill Goode, hears them and introduces them to the Brisbane DJ Bill Gates, who becomes their promoter, names them BG's, and records 6 songs that he plays on the radio station he works for.

The BG's appear on several TV shows in Brisbane, and start performing in clubs throughout Queensland. Their father often appears on stage with them playing drums

The BG's play at hotels and nightclubs of the Gold Coast
Barry signs a publishing contract with Belinda Music

The Gibbs go on performing in the Gold Coast, where they meet Australian music star Col Joye. His brother Kevin Jacobsen becomes their agent

The Gibbs move to Sydney
The brothers play support act for Chubby Checker and Col Joye, and appear regularly on TV shows
The Bee-Gees sign for Festival and release their two first singles: 'The Battle of the blue and grey'/'The three kisses of love' and 'Timber'/ 'Take hold of that star'
Col Joye and Lonnie Lee record Barry Gibb's songs

They release 3 more singles: 'Peace of mind/Don't say goodbye', 'Claustrophobia/Could it be' and 'Turn around look at me' / 'Theme form The travels of Jamie McPheeters'
Other artists record and release Barry's songs: Noeleen Batley, Jimmy Little, Tony Brady, Del Juliana, Bryan Davies, Reg Lindsay

Trevor Gordon and the Bee Gees release the single 'House with no windows' / 'And I'll be happy'

The Bee Gees release 3 singles: 'Every day I have to cry' / 'You wouldn't know', 'Wine and women' / 'Follow the wind', and 'I was a lover a leader of men' / 'And the children laughing'

Bee Gees release their first album: The Bee Gees sing and play 14 Barry Gibb songs

Also this year
Other singers record and release songs by Barry: Trevor Gordon, Bryan Davies, Noeleen Batley, Jimmy Boyd, John Hore, Michelle Rae, Jenny Bradley, Wayne Newton, Dennis and The Delawares, Lynne Fletcher
Barry gets an award from Adelaide's radio 5KA as 'Composer of the year'

They release four singles: 'Cherry red' / 'I want home', 'Monday's rain' / 'All of my life', 'Monday's rain' / 'Playdown', and 'Spicks and specks' / I'am the world'.

Bee Gees release the album Monday's Rain, reissued in November with a different title, Spicks and specks.

Hugh Gibb contacts by mail Epstein's NEMS enterprises. The decision to move back to Britain is already taken.

Also this year
Robin and Maurice start writing songs
Colin Petersen and Vince Melouney collaborate occasionally with the Bee Gees
Other singers record Gibb compositions: Lory Balmer, Steve and The Board, Sandy Summers, Bip Addison, Barrington Davis, The Mystics, April Byron, Anne Shelton, Jon Blanchfield, Johnny Young, The Twilights
Bee Gees nominated for the 'Best Australian group of the year'

3 The Gibbs leave Australia aboard the Fair Sky. 'Spicks & Specks' tops the charts in Australia and New Zealand

6 The Gibbs arrive back in England
24 Bee Gees sign with Stigwood. Meanwhile in Australia Festival releases another single ('Born a man' / 'Big chance') and the album Turn around look at us
Dick Ashby becomes their road manager. He has been with the Bee Gees since then
Colin Petersen joins the Bee Gees

Vince Melouney joins the Bee Gees
4 Polydor releases the single 'Spicks and Specks' / 'I am the world' in the UK
27 Bee Gees support Fats Domino at the Saville Theatre in London. This happens 5 evenings, until April 1

14 Bee Gees release their debut international single,'New York mining disaster 1941' / 'Close another door' (#12 in UK, 14 in USA)

They release their 2nd single 'To love somebody' / 'I can't see nobody' (#17 USA)

First promotional visits to the USA and Scandinavia
14 They release their first international album Bee Gees First (8 UK, 7 USA)

Release of 'Massachusetts', the first single from their next album Horizontal

14 First #1hit in Britain with 'Massachusetts' (#11 USA)

Release of 'World' / 'Sir Geoffrey saved the world' (#8 UK) 2nd single from their next album Horizontal

Also this year
Bee Gees get 'Most Promising New Group' distinction from England's New Musical Express (NME), 'Popstars of the year' in the Netherlands, England's Carl Allen Prize as 'Top Musical Group', the Golden Lion from Radio Luxembourg for 'Massachusetts'

y68.gif (1060 bytes)

Release of 'Words' / 'Sinking ships' (8 UK, 15 USA)
27 Bee Gees play for the 1st time in the USA at the Anheim Convention Center in California

Bee Gees release their album Horizontal (16 UK, 12 USA)

Bee Gees tour Scandinavia, Germany and Switzerland

Release of 'The singer sang his song' / 'Jumbo' (25 UK, 57 USA)
27 Bee Gees play in the Royal Albert Hall. First date of the UK tour that lasts until May 3

Release of 'I've gotta get a message to you' / 'Kitty can' (1 UK, 8 USA) 1st single from their next album Idea

Bee Gees US tour

They release the album Idea (4 UK, 17 USA)
Bee Gees European tour, which lasts till November

Release of 'I started a joke' / 'Kilburn towers' in Usa (6 USA), 2nd single from Idea
Vince Melouney leaves the Bee Gees

Also this year
Bee Gees get an Ivor Novello award for 'Massachusetts' and the Golden Otto award from Bravo

Release of the single 'First of May' / 'Lamplight' (6 UK, 37 USA) and the album Odessa (10 UK, 20 USA)

19 Robin announces he is leaving the Bee Gees

Bee Gees release 'Tomorrow tomorrow' / 'Sun in my morning' (23 UK, 54 USA)

27 Robin releases 'Saved by the bell' / 'Mother and Jack' (2 UK)

12 Barry gets the Best Dressed Pop Star award

Bee Gees start filming Cucumber castle
Stigwood fires Colin Petersen
Bee Gees release 'Don't forget to remember' / 'The lord' (2 UK, 73 USA)

Robin releases 'One million years' / 'Weekend'

Maurice and Barry split too

Also this year
Bee Gees voted as 'Favourite pop group' in Bravo's magazine's annual musical poll. They got 197,497 votes. The Beatles came 2nd with 85,862 votes. They also get Golden Otto award from Bravo

31 Robin's concert in Aukland, New Zealand

Robin releases his album Robin's Reign (19 Germany) and the single 'August October' / 'Give me a smile' (45 UK)
The stage musical Sing a rude song opens in London at the Greenwich Theatre with Maurice Gibb in the cast

Release of three Bee Gees singles: 'IOIO' / 'Sweetheart' (49 UK, 94 USA), Let there be love' in Europe, not UK (14 Holland) and 'If only I had my mind on something else' in the USA (91 USA)

Maurice releases 'Railroad' / 'I've come back'
Release of Bee Gees album Cucumber Castle (57 UK, 94 USA)

Barry releases 'I'll kiss your memory' / 'This time'

The three brothers are back together as the Bee Gees

The single 'Lonely days' / 'Man for all seasons' comes out (3 USA, 33 UK)

Also this year
Bee Gees get the Silver Otto award from Bravo

Release of 2 Years On (32 USA)

2 years on Tour: USA

Two new releases: the Melody soundtrack, and 'How can you mend a broken heart' / 'Country woman', first single from their new album Trafalgar

Trafalgar Tour: Australia and Israel

7 Bee Gees get their first #1 in the US with 'How can you mend a broken heart'
28 First date of Trafalgar Tour in the USA. The USA tour lasts till October 1

Trafalgar comes out (34 USA)

Release of the 2nd single from Trafalgar: 'Don't wanna live inside myself' / 'Walking back to Waterloo' (53 USA)

Also this year
Bee Gees get Golden Otto award from Bravo Magazine and a Grammy nomination for 'How can you mend a broken heart

Release of 'My world' / 'On time' (16 UK & USA)

Trafalgar Tour: Australia

Trafalgar Tour: Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia

Release of the 1st single from their next album To whom... 'Run to me' / 'Road to Alaska' (9 UK, 16 USA)

To whom it may concern Tour: USA

Release of the album To Whom It May Concern (35 USA)

2nd single from To whom..: 'Alive' / 'Paper mache, cabbages and kings' (34 USA)'

Also this year
Andy starts doing gigs in Ibiza

January (USA) / March (UK)

Release of the single 'Saw a new morning' / 'My life has been a song' (94 USA) and the album Life in a tin can (69 USA)

19 Bee Gees play at the Royal Festival Hall in London, first concert in Britain since 1968

Life in a tin can Tour: Canada and USA

Release of the single 'Wouldn't I be someone' / 'Elisa' from an album that wouldn't come out
24 Bee Gees play at the London Palladium

Life in a tin can Tour: Japan, Malaysia...

Bee Gees start working with Arif Mardin

Andy forms a band called Melody Fayre

Release of first single from new album Mr Natural, 'Mr Natural' / 'It doesn't matter much to me' (93 USA)
Mr Natural Tour: USA

Bee Gees play in clubs in northern England

Release of the 2nd single from Mr Natural, 'Throw a penny' / 'I can't let you go'

Release of the album Mr Natural (178 USA)

Release of the 3rd single from Mr Natural, 'Charade' / 'Heavy breathing'
Mr Natural Tour: Canada and USA

Mr Natural Tour: Australia and New Zealand

Mr Natural Tour: Japan

They release their first single from Main course, 'Jive talkin' / 'Wind of change' (1 USA, 5 UK)

Main Course tour: USA

Release of Main Course (14 USA)

Release of the 2nd single from Main course, 'Nights on Broadway' / 'Edge of the universe' (7 USA)
Main Course tour: Canada

Andy releases his first single 'Words and music' / 'Westfield mansions' in Australia, managed by Col Joye and Kevin Jacobsen

Release of the 3rd single from Main course, 'Fanny (Be tender with my love)' / 'Country lanes' (12 USA)

Release of 1st single from Children of the world: 'You should be dancing' / 'Subway' ( 1 USA, 5 UK)

Andy signs with Stigwood

Release of the album Children of the world (8 USA) and the 2nd single 'Love so right' / 'You stepped into my life' (3 USA, 41 UK)

Bee Gees shop opens on 57th Street in New York

Children of the World tour across the USA

Also this year
Bee Gees take part in the album All this and World War II, covering Beatles songs
Bee Gees get AMPEX Golden Reel award for Children of the world and BMI names them Songwriters of the Year

Two new singles from Children of the world: 'Boogie child' / 'Lovers' (12 USA) and 'Children of the world' / 'Boogie child'

Bee Gees start recording at the Ch√Ęteau D'Herouville in France

Release of Here at last (8 USA)

Release of the single 'Edge of the universe' / 'Words' (26 USA)
14 Bee Gees on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine  

Release of 'How deep is your love' / 'Can't keep a good man down' (1 USA, 3 UK)

7 Saturday night fever soundtrack comes out (1 UK & USA)
11 Bee Gees co-host the Billboard Awards show
Release of 'Stayin alive' / 'If I can't have you' (1 USA, 3 UK)

Also this year
Andy releases his first album Flowing rivers (19 USA) and two singles 'I just want to be your everything' and 'Love is thicker than water'. Both singles become #1 hits in the USA
Bee Gees get the Don Kirshner Rock award for Public Service, 2 Ivor Novello awards and 2 Grammy awards nominations

Bee Gees pick Grammy award for Best Vocal Performance by Group
Release of 'Night fever'/ 'Down the road' (1 USA & UK)
Release of Samantha Sang's single 'Emotion' (3 USA, 11 UK) and album Emotion, produced by Barry

4 Five Gibb songs in the USA Top Ten: 'Love is thicker than water (#1), 'Stayin' alive' (2), 'Emotion' (4), 'Night fever' (5) and 'How deep is your love' (10)

Release of the single 'If I can't have you' (1 USA, 4 UK)

Release of the Grease soundtrack and single 'Grease' (1 USA, 3 UK)

Release of the Sgt Pepper's lonely hearts club band soundtrack (38 UK, 5 USA) and the single 'Oh! Darling' (15 USA)

Release of Sesame street fever, with Robin (the album gets a Grammy nomination)

Release of 'Too much heaven' / 'Rest your love on me' (1 USA, 3 UK)

4 Bee Gees and Andy get 5 Billboard Music Awards altogether

Also this year
Andy releases Shadow dancing (15 UK, 7 USA) and 4 singles: 'Shadow dancing' (#1 USA), 'An everlasting love' (5 USA, 10 UK), 'Why', '(Our love) Don't throw it all away' (9 USA, 32 UK)
Bee Gees get 3 Ivor Novello awards and become honorary citizens of Florida
For 3 consecutive months Gibb compositions top the US charts: 'Stayin alive'(Feb 4-March 3), 'Love is thicker than water (March 4 -18)', 'Night fever' (March 19-May 12) and 'If I can't have you' (May 13-19). All in all Gibb songs top the US charts for 26 weeks this year

Bee Gees get 6 Grammy Awards nominations
Bee Gees sing 'Too Much Heaven' at 'A gift of a song' Unicef gala
Bee Gees get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Police Athletic League's Superstars of the Year award
Release of Spirits having flown (1 UK & USA)

Bee Gees collect 4 Grammy Awards for Saturday Night Fever
Bee Gees release 'Tragedy' / 'Until' (1 USA & UK)

Release of the Osmonds' Steppin out, produced by Maurice


Release of 'Love you inside out' / 'I'm satisfied' (1 USA, 12 UK)

14 Bee Gees on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine
Bee Gees get 11 Billboard awards

Spirits Having Flown tour throughout the USA and Canada

26 Bee Gees invited to the White House

Release of Bee Gees Greatest (6 UK, 1 USA)

NBC airs The Bee Gees Show

Release of 'Spirits (having flown)' / 'Wind of change' (16 UK)

Between December 1977 and June 1979 the Bee Gees get 6 consecutive number ones in the USA: How deep is your love (77), Stayin alive (78), Night fever (78), Too much heaven (79), Tragedy (79) and Love you inside out (79)

Release of Jimmy Ruffin's album Sunrise, produced by Robin, and single 'Hold on to my love' (7 UK, 10 USA)
Release of the Times Square soundtrack and the single 'Help me', with Robin and Marcy Levy (50 USA)

Release of Barbra Streisand's album Guilty, (1 UK & USA) produced by Barry, and singles 'Woman in love' (1 USA & UK) and 'Guilty' (3 USA, 34 UK)

Andy releases the albums After dark (21 USA) and Andy Gibb's greatest hits (46 USA), and the singles 'Desire' (4 USA), 'Rest your love on me', 'I can't help it' (12 USA) and'Times is time' (15 USA)

Ronald Selle sues Bee Gees
Bee Gees sue Robert Stigwood

Release of Streisand's 'What kind of fool' (10 USA)
Barbra Streisand and Barry win Grammy award for best pop performance

Andy Gibb stars The Pirates of Penzance and releases'All I have to so is dream' / 'Good feeling' (52 USA)

Bee Gees release the album Living eyes (41 USA) and the singles 'He's a liar' (30 USA) and 'Living eyes' / 'I still love you' (45 USA)

Release of Dione Warwick's album Heartbreaker, produced by Barry (3 UK, 25 USA), and singles 'Heartbreaker' / 'I can't see anything' (2 UK, 10 USA) and 'All the love in the world' / 'It makes no difference' (10 UK)
Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat opens in New York with Andy Gibb starring

Release of the Stayin alive soundtrack (6 USA) and the singles 'The woman in you' / 'Stayin alive' (24 USA, 81 UK) and 'Someone belonging to someone' / 'I love you too much' (49 UK & USA)
Bee Gees get a Grammy nomination for Best original score for Stayin alive

Robin releases his album How old are you (6 Germany) and the singles 'Juliet' / 'Hearts of fire' (94 UK, #1 Germany) and 'How old are you' / 'I believe in miracles' (93 UK)

Release of the 3rd single from Heartbreaker, 'Take the short way home' (85 UK, 46 USA)
Release of Kenny Roger's album Eyes that see in the dark (53 UK, 6 USA) produced by Barry, and singles 'Islands in the stream' (1 USA, 7 UK) and'Eyes that see in the dark' (60 UK, 80 USA)

Kenny Rogers releases 2 more singles from Eyes that see in the dark, 'This woman' / 'Buried treasure' (23 USA) and 'Evening star' / ' Midsummer nights'

Robin releases his 3rd single from How old are you, 'Another lonely night in New York' / 'I believe in miracles' (71 UK)
Robin releases a new album Secret agent (31 Germany) and two singles: 'Boys do fall in love' / 'Diamonds' (37 USA, 71 UK) and 'Secret agent' / 'Robot'

Barry releases his solo album Now Voyager (85 UK, 72 USA) and the singles 'Shine shine' / 'She says' (37 USA) and 'Fine line' / 'Stay alone'

Diana Ross releases the album Eaten alive (11 UK, 45 USA) produced by Barry, and the singles 'Eaten alive' (71 UK, 77 USA) and 'Chain reaction' / 'More and more' (1 UK, 66 USA)

Maurice writes the score for The Supernatural

Robin releases the album Walls have eyes and the single 'Like a fool' / 'Possession'

Robin releases 'Toys' / 'Do you love her,' 3rd single from Walls have eyes
Release of the single 'Live-in World' for the Anti-Heroin Project, with Robin vocal contribution

Release of Diana Ross' 3rd single: 'Experience' / 'Oh teacher' (47 USA)

Release of Carola's album Runaway, produced by Maurice, and singles 'The runaway' / 'So far so good' (#3 Sweden) and 'Brand new heart' / 'Spread your wings'

Release of the single 'We are the Bunburys' by The Bunburys (i.e Bee Gees, David English...)

Bee Gees sign with Warner Bros Music (October). After almost 6 years working on solo albums, soundtracks and producing other artists, the brothers are ready to work on a new Bee Gees album

Bee Gees release the album ESP (5 UK, 96 USA) and the single 'You win again' / 'Backtafunk' (1 UK, 75 USA)
Andy goes through financial problems

Release of the single 'ESP' / 'Overnight' (50 UK)

Release of the 3rd single from ESP: 'Crazy for your love' / 'You win again' (remix) (80 UK)

7 Andy taken to hospital
10 Andy Gibb dies
21 Andy's burial in L.A

15 Bee Gees apperance at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary commemoration at the Madison Square Garden. They perform To love somebody, Lonely days and Jive talkin

Bee Gees play at the Prince's Trust Concert (Jive talkin and You win again) and at the Nelson Mandela's Tribute Concert (I've gotta get a message to you and You win again) in London

Hawks premiere in London and release of a single from its soundtrack: 'Childhood days' / 'Moonlight madness'
Release of One moment in time, the 1988 Olympics album, with two Gibb songs

Release of Hawks soundtrack

Also this year
Bee Gees get Ivor Novello award for their outstanding contribution to British music

10 Miami dedicates Andy Gibb 'Andy Gibb Drive'
Release of the 1st single form One: 'Ordinary lives' / 'Wing and a prayer' (54 UK)

April (UK) / August (USA)
Release of One (29 UK, 68 USA)

One For All tour: European leg

Release of the 2nd single from One: 'One' / 'Flesh and blood' (7 USA, 71 UK)

One For All tour: America, Australia, Japan

Release of Nobody's Child, a charity album that includes a 1989 live version of 'How can you mend a broken heart'
Release of the 4 Cd set Tales from the Brothers Gibb

Release of first single from High civilization: 'Secret love' / 'True confesssions' (5 UK)

Release of High civilization (24 UK)

Release of 2nd single from High civilization: 'When he's gone'

High Civilization tour: European leg. The American leg has to be cancelled due to Barry's back problems

Release of 3rd single from High civilization: 'The only love'

16 Bee Gees play at the Hurricane Andrew Relief Concert in Miami

Release of the album Andy Gibb, with some new songs he and his brothers had written in 1987

Barry undergoes back surgery

Release of the album Bunbury tails (feat. Bee Gees and more) and the single 'Seasons' / 'We are the Bunburys'

Release of the 1st single from Size isn't everything: 'Paying the price of love' (23 UK, 74 USA)

September (UK) / November (USA)

Release of the album Size isn't everything (UK 23, USA 153)

2 Bee Gees on Howard Stern
7 Bee Gees play in Orlando, Florida
Release of the 2nd single from Size...: 'For whom the bell tolls' (4 UK, 74 USA)

Release of 3rd single from Size..: 'How to fall in love' (30 UK)

Bee Gees inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

25 Bee Gees perform at London's Dominion Theatre on the Royal Variety Performance

Also this year
Release of tribute album Melody Fair

Bee Gees inducted into Florida's Artists Hall of Fame

Bee Gees play at the VH-1 Fashion Awards
Bee Gees tape VH1's Stoytellers

Release of Tapestry revisited, with Bee Gees 'Will you love me tomorrow' version

Release of Soul of the Bee Gees tribute album

Release of the 1st single from Still waters: 'Alone' (5 UK, 28 USA)
Bee Gees receive the British Phonographic Industry's Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brits Awards ceremony

March (UK) / May (USA)
Release of the album Still waters (2 UK, 11 USA)

1 Bee Gees on The Tonight Show of Jay Leno
17 Bee Gees get the Lifetime Contribution to Music Award at the World Music Awards in Monaco

6 Bee Gees inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

Release of the 2nd single from Still waters: 'I could not love you more' (14 UK)

25 Bee Gees inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Australian Music Industry Association

Release of the 3rd single from Still waters: 'Still waters run deep' (18 UK, 57 USA)
Maurice takes part in an online chat for Capital FM
Bee Gees get the Bambi Award in Germany and the Lifetime achievement award at the Goldene Europa Awards, also in Germany

10 Bee Gees presented with the keys to Las Vegas
14 One Night Only concert in Las Vegas

31 Bee Gees play at the Saturday Night Fever Reunion Concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York

Celine Dion releases her single 'Immortality', written by the Gibbs (5 UK)

5 The stage musical Saturday Night Fever opens in London

29 One Night Only concert: Dublin, Ireland

5 One Night Only concert: London, Britain
7 Release of the live album One night only in Europe (4 UK)
17 Bee Gees tape An Audience with the Bee Gees (aired on November 7)

17 One Night Only concert: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tribute album Gotta get a message to you released

3 One Night Only release in the USA (72 USA)
28 One Night Only concert: Pretoria, South Africa

23 Barry performs Sinatra's songs at the Love and Hope Ball in Miami

20 One Night Only concert: Auckland, New Zealand
27 One Night Only concert: Sydney, Australia

The Isle of Man Post Office issues Bee Gees stamps
The stage musical Saturday Night Fever opens in New York

31 Bee Gees Millenium Concert at Ft Lauderdale, Florida

20 Bee Gees performance at the BBC's Radio Theatre in London
24 Billboard issues The Bee Gees: 35 years of music
26 Release of the single 'This is where I came in' in Europe (18 UK)

Bee Gees release the album This is where I came in (6 UK, 16 USA)
Bee Gees appear on Rosie O'Donnell show
30 Bee Gees on A&E Live by Request

17 Bee Gees play at the Wango Tango concert in LA (USA)

Release of The Record (5 UK, 49 USA)

Bee Gees awarded CBEs (Commanders of the British Empire)

22 Love and Hope Ball in Miami: This was the last chance to see the three brothers perform live.

8 Maurice opens his paintball shop in Miami Beach


8 Commander Mo's Paintball Shop Grand Opening

Barry signs publishing agreement with Warner/Chappell Music
Robin releases his solo single 'Please' in Germany (23 UK, 51 Germany)

12 Maurice Gibb dies
15 Maurice's funeral in Miami
20 Robin releases Magnet (43 UK, 10 Germany)
22 Robin announces the end of the Bee Gees

20 Robin presents the Best Single Award at the Brits Awards
23 Bee Gees get Grammy Legend Award

10 Robin releases his second single from Magnet, 'Wait forever'

22 Bee Gees get World Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement

29 Release of 'A Lover's Prayer', feat. Robin Gibb and Alistair Griffin (5 UK)

23 Barry Gibb guest artist at the Let It Rain Gala in Miami

28 Barry Gibb performance at the Love and Hope Ball (Miami)


Barry Gibb signs to UTA
12 Bee Gees receive honorary doctorates from Manchester University
12 Barry and Robin Gibb open a school recording studio at Oakwood High (Manchester) named in memory of their brother Maurice
27 Barry, Robin and Adam Gibb (on behalf of his father Maurice Gibb) collect their CBEs honours from the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace

4 Robin Gibb performance at A Capitol Fourth (Washington DC)

17-26 Robin Gibb's Magnetic Tour in Germany

Bee Gees Number Ones released (7 UK, 23 USA).

24 Release of the Asian tsunami relief single 'Grief Never Grows Old', to which both Robin and Barry Gibb contribute (4 UK)

28 Robin Gibb's concert in Moscow (Magnetic Tour)

24 launched
26 Robin Gibb presents International Single Of The Year award to U2 at the Ivor Novello's Awards in London
Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand start recording new album in Los Angeles.

9-10-11 Robin Gibb's concerts in Hong Kong (Magnetic Tour)
Robin Gibb's Live CD and DVD released

Aug 21 - Sep 3 Robin Gibb's concerts in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo (Magnetic Tour)
Release of "Guilty 25th Anniversary Edition"
20 Release of Barbra Streisand's album Guilty Pleasures (Guilty Too in UK/Ireland), written and produced by Barry Gibb (3 UK, 5 USA)

November - December
Nov 24 - Dec 1 Robin Gibb's concerts in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico DF and Monterrey (Magnetic Tour)
Release of "Love Songs"