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January 1, 2006
:: Sales info
Bee Gees catalog is still selling strong in the US market:
o Number Ones ones sold 15,000 copies last week and now has sold 727,900 copies since released in 2004. 
o The Record has also been a good seller too and has shipped 1,232,000 copies since 2001. The Record has been huge also in many other big markets around the world, specially in the UK, Australia, Brazil, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Brazil and Chile. 
o One Night Only has sold since 1998 1,626,000 copies in the USA, having sold also over 1 million in the UK. 
(Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

January 1
:: Robin on Hootenanny
Robin Gibb performed two songs on BBC 2' New Year's Eve show last night: To love somebody and Massachusetts. You can see a photo at Ninneke's Gibb Site (Posted by Cote)
Robin also joined in with many other artists on the show and he sang a verse from the old song GOODNIGHT IRENE. Listen to the short interview -542 Kb- (Posted by Richard O Donoghue)

January 1
:: Bee Gees song in movie
In Korea, on January 19, a movie titled 'Holiday' will be released.  To obtain the right to use 'Holiday' in the soundtrack, the movie company was reported to pay USD90,000 to the Brothers Gibb. (Posted by Robert Kim from Bee Gees Collections)

January 1
:: "Bee Gees return to the newsstands - You requested bis... They are back"
Those are the titles of  today's Zero Hora newspaper (Dec 30th), advancing the reedition of Bee Gees Live By Request DVD to promote sales of the "Series Preço Show" in newsstands of the Rio Grande do Sul State (south Brazil). 
Remember: the news paper sold 15 000 copies on the first day of sale (Dec 16th). 
[Posted by Lisete Henriques (Brazil)]

December 29
:: Polls: Vote for Barry and Robin
There are two polls where you can vote for Barry and Robin Gibb:
o As you know, Robin will be on Jools Holland's show 'Hootenanny!' (BBC 2) on New Year's Eve. BBC 2 is carrying on a poll: "Who's best on the Hootenanny?" You can vote for Robin.
o There is another poll carried out by "The Album Chart Show" (BBC Radio 2) where you can vote for your favourite album this year. You can vote for Guilty Too
(Posted by Suzana) 

December 28
:: Remembering Maurice
"We the members of BGI are hoping that the many fans from around the
world join us again in paying tribute to Maurice on January 12th by lighting
a candle in his honor.... Thanks for everything."
(Posted by Glenna Marie Helton from BGI)

December 28
:: Why did First of May not chart?
"Maybe you're wondering what happened to the G4 cover of First Of May. It hasn't charted in the Top 40 at all! The reason being Woolworths (the main force behind singles sales in the UK) have refused to stock it, not to mention a few other major stores. The reason being is that the record company have screwed up. They promised a free G4 sticker to everyone who bought a copy and it turns out that only a fraction of the copies pressed have included one. So, the chart compilers have also disqualified this release for inclusion in the charts. There was a midweek prediction before this mistake was known and it was at no. 6! This is a great shame, as it could've been the Bee Gees 49th top 10 hit in the UK." (Posted by James and Kelly Reed)

December 27
:: Maurice Gibb: A Christmas story
You can read a nice story about Maurice Gibb at Rick Resource.

December 26
:: ShowForMo
That's the name of a new section at It's not up yet, but announced as coming soon. 

December 26
:: Robin Gibb on Five Live
According to, Robin taped an interview last week for BBC Radio 5's programme "A Year In The Life", which was aired yesterday. You can listen to it at BBC site (available only for a week)

December 25
:: Next Robin Gibb TV appearance
Robin Gibb will take part on the BBC 2 programme 'Hootenanny!' hosted by Jools Holland on Saturday 31st December, 11.00 pm. More details at BBC's website. (Posted by Cote)

December 25
:: Commander Mo's Paintball Shop
Although they don't have anything with Mo's name on it as of yet, here is the link to the up and running online shop.... (Posted by Megan Seitz)

December 21
:: Robin Gibb TV appearance
Robin Gibb took part on the itv1 programme 'Abba's top 20 Greatest Hits' in Britain on Tuesday 20th December. The show included stars like Daniel Beddingfield and Girls Aloud listing in order what they thought were Abba's top 20 best songs. Robin took part in the show with his own top twenty Abba songs and commented that 'The Winner takes all' was one of his favourite Abba tracks. (Posted by Austen Stewart, Aberdeen- Scotland)

December 21
:: Barry Gibb Unplugged
Yesterday a new chat room with a webcam was tested at Both Barry Gibb and David English were in the chat room. Barry sang for fans.
[Note: To access the new chat room, you need to have Java and QuickTime installed. A DSL connection is needed too]

December 21
:: Support for Robin in Brazil needed
"A very popular brazilian website called IG made a question with a lot of choices for the vistors: "Which was the best International concert in Brazil in the year of 2005?" The bad thing is that Robin Gibb's concert IS NOT among the choices. Immediately we, bee gees fans, started to send comments (the page allows it) complaining about it. We need some international support from fans around the world.
This is the question URL:
And here is the page URL where people can post comments:
Scroll down the page and click on "Comentar".
A popup window will appear. Fill in the blanks with your name (NOME), your e-mail, and type your coment on the MENSAGENS text box - (u don't need to fill the SEU BLIG text box).
After u did that, just click on ENVIAR COMENTÁRIO.
Your post will be analysed by the website and then your post will appear.
Please, let's try. WE CAN'T LET THIS OMISSION PERSIST. As I said, International support is always welcome and efficient."
(Posted by Alan Borher de Mattos)

December 21
:: End of the year charts
Number ones is the 107th best selling album of the year in the US according to Billboard Magazine. The album has sold more than 400.000 copies in the US alone this 2004 it sold 288.000 copies. in the Uk Guilty too has sold more than 300.000 copies so it should be certified platinum by the BPI (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

December 21
:: Ad with Bee Gees music
Was watching a TV show last night and saw an advertisement for, the background music was Stayin Alive. You can view it online at Click on Explore Gametap On the right under Gametop Original Programming
Pull down menu click on TV Spots TV Spots These spots have been on TV introducing GameTap but now you can see them here again and again. View the game Die. (Posted by Dee)

December 19
:: Two releases today...
... of Gibb-related cd singles:
G4's cd single "First of May" featuring Robin Gibb -
Barbra Streisand's cd single "Come Tomorrow" (duet with Barry Gibb) / "Night of my life" (new remix) -

December 19
:: Bee Gees & Brazil: DVD Bee Gees Live by Request sold out in the south of Brazil
Newsstands all over "Rio Grande do Sul" State (south Brazil) have sold out Bee Gees Live By Request DVD - a promotion of the The Brazilian newspaper "Zero Hora". A total of 15 000 copies were purchased on the first day of sale (December 16th), and more DVDs will be sold on January 2, 2006.
According to the news, an explanation for Bee Gees success could be the renewal of the fans. Marco Flores, Sunset Riders' manager (only cover band of the Bee Gees in Rio Grande do Sul State) said: "The Bee Gees' vocal and instrumental technique pleases all audiences. We see people between the ages of 18 -and 60 enjoying Bee Gees music in our shows."
(Posted by Lisete Henriques / Brazil. Source: Zero Hora)

December 19
:: Maurice Gibb Memorial Park
Works go on for Maurice Gibb Memorial Park in South Beach, Miami Beach. The monolith has now Maurice's name. You can see photos at Ellan Vannin. (Posted by Ana from Ellan Vannin)

December 19
:: Now Voyager dvd
You can read a press release concerning Now Voyager at Noble PR website. (Posted by Ana from Ellan Vannin)

December 15
:: Coming soon
Another official site for Barry Gibb will be available before Christmas: Barry Gibb Unplugged Website. Maybe for webcam concerts?? An official announcement will be made on soon.

December 15
:: Love Songs enters USA charts
Despite the barrage of Bee Gees compilations in the last few years and virtually no promotion, Love Songs has charted in the USA at 166. It's their 32th album to chart on Billboard's top 200. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman and Louis Galetto)

December 14
:: Robin Gibb on the radio
Robin stated on his Steve Wright Radio 2 interview today (14 dec) that the reports of his feud with brother Barry are not true, and that the Entertainment Today programme edited his and Barry's interviews to make it sound like they were. Robin also mentioned the Maurice tribute album, moreover he mentioned that British brit rock act Oasis could be recording a song for the album. Robin also said that he loves the Sir Paul McCartney version of 'Too much heaven'.
Robin also said that he and Barry have signed a new record contract for 2006 with a new record company for the reissue of the BeeGees back catalogue and as part of that deal that they will be working together again.

Robin was on good form during the show, very relaxed and joked about the Sgt Pepper film. (Report by Austen Stewart, Aberdeen, Scotland UK)

December 13
:: Robin Gibb on TV: Reminder
Robin will perform with G4 on the ITV programme This Morning on the 14th of December. (Posted by Austin Stewart and Sarah)

December 9
:: Robin Gibb on TV
This afternoon Robin Gibb appeared on ITV's "Today with Des and Mel" show in the UK. He performed How Deep Is Your Love and was interviewed about Love Songs. He also talked about Maurice Gibb's tribute album, and said he will spend Christmas at home in Thame. (Posted by Mary Evans)

December 8
:: Love Songs & G4
Love Songs has entered Canada's charts at #63. In the UK G4's album featuring "First of May" has debuted at number 6. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman and Cote)

December 8
:: Releases
Two CD singles will be released on December 19 in the UK:
- "Come Tomorrow / Night Of My Life" - Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb. - You can pre-order it from Amazon UK.
- "First of May" - G4 & Robin Gibb. - You can pre-order it from Amazon UK.

December 7
:: Barry Gibb's Chat
Barry Gibb chatted with fans yesterday. Read transcript (Thanks to Ana from Ellan Vannin)

December 7
:: MEG's concert

If you live in Miami, you have the chance to see MEG live today:
"The Samantha Gibb Project: Live music, featuring Samantha Gibb, daughter of the Bee Gees' late Maurice Gibb, 10 p.m., Purdy Lounge, 1811 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach. Free. Call 786-564-1561." (Source: Miami Herald)
MEG performs at Purdy Lounge first Wednesday of every month (Thank you Ana)

December 4
:: Love Songs

Love Songs enters at 51 in the UK this week. You can order it from Streisand's album Guilty Too is 33 down from 32 after 11 weeks. It's doing pretty well in the UK being the best market for the album so far. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

December 3

:: Robin Gibb Magnetic Tour 2006

Though it's not been confirmed yet, Robin Gibb might play in Beijing and Shangai (China) in April 2006, and in the UK in July 2006. According to Pollstar these are the dates in the UK:
July 1: Cardiff
July 2: Woodstock
July 7: Derby
July 8: West Sussex
July 9: Maidstone
July 14: Norfolk
July 16 Wiltshire
Visit for confirmation. (Posted by David Wang and Marj L)

December 3

:: Review of Robin's concert in Argentina

"Robin Gibb gave an outstanding performance last Saturday November 26 at Luna Park Arena, Buenos Aires, Argentina. With the aid of his touring band plus an orchestra of 30 highly skilled Argentinean musicians, he delivered a myriad of the most successful Bee Gees songs plus two of his solo hits (Saved By the Bell and Juliet). After 20 minutes of the hour and half show, Robin, who was in top vocal form, got the audience, who had filled up 3/4 of the place, cheerfully dancing and clapping. The show skilfully combined breathless disco hits from the 70s with soulful ballads, some of them played acoustically. Robin received several standing ovations during the concert and could not leave the place until delivering three encores, the last one of them a second version of Staying Alive. The atmosphere during the whole event was of tender communion between artist and audience." (By Andrea Lettieri, Montevideo, Uruguay)

December 2
:: More about Robin in Brazil

You can see some photos of Robin's arrival at the airport, and also photos of Robin performing and of fans rushing onto stage to kiss him during his concert in Sao Paulo at Ninneke's Gibb Forum (registration maybe needed) [Posted by Paula]

December 2
:: Robin Gibb in Mexico
Yesterday Robin Gibb gave the last concert of his Latin American Tour. He performed at the Arena Monterrey (Mexico) for 9,000 people. He promised to come back to Mexico with Barry. There is a nice review in Spanish at El Porvenir. It features two photos taken during the concert.
On the left you can see a photo of Robin with Daniel Zarate and on the right a photo with Orlando Salazar, both taken after Robin's concert in Mexico DF. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman, Daniel Zarate from Bee Gees Latino, and Orlando Salazar from Bee Gees Mexico)

December 1
:: Robin Gibb in Argentina
You can see photos taken during Robin Gibb's concert in Buenos Aires five days ago at Ellan Vannin. (Posted by Ana from Ellan Vannin)

November 30
:: Robin Gibb on TV

According to Robin will perform with G4 on the ITV programme This Morning on the 14th of December. (Posted by Austin Stewart)

November 30
:: Robin Gibb in Brazil and more
See photos taken during the concert in Sao Paulo (November 24) sent by Suzana.
On November 26 he played in Buenos Aires (same song list as in Brazil) and last night he performed in Mexico DF. +7,500 people attended the show. You can read about it at, La Segunda, Terra (in Spanish) [Thanks to Juan Cristobal Guzman]

November 30
:: BMI award
"To love somebody" has received the 5 million airs certification from BMI. This is the second Bee Gees song with 5 million air plays in the USA. The first one to achieve it was How deep is your love (Posted by Cote. Source: BMI)

November 29
:: Maurice Gibb Memorial Park
Works go on for Maurice Gibb Memorial Park in South Beach. The old monolith has been removed and the new one with Maurice's name is being built. You can see photos at Ellan Vannin. (Posted by Ana from Ellan Vannin)

November 29
:: New Robin Gibb screensaver
A new free Robin Gibb screensaver, & wallpaper download is now available from EvoSound (Posted by Ashley Whitfield from EvoSound)

November 27
:: Certification for Guilty Pleasures
Guilty Pleasures has been certified gold in New Zealand.

November 25
:: Robin Gibb's concert in Brazil
Yesterday Robin Gibb gave the first concert of his Latin American Tour at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The concert lasted about an hour and a half and the song list was a little different this time, since he only performed two solo songs, Saved By The Bell and Juliet; the rest of the songs were Bee Gees hits. The sound was very good (much better than on the dvd recorded in Germany), and the orchestra did not hide his voice, which sounded better than ever. You can see photos (more to be posted there soon) at the BR Gibb Fotolog.
The play list: Emotion, Words, First Of May, I Started A Joke, Massachusetts, Night Fever, How Deep Is Your Love, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, New York Mining Disaster, Saved By The Bell, Holiday, Juliet, Night Fever, You Should Be Dancing, I've Gotta Get A Message To You, Tragedy, More Than A Woman, Jive Talkin’, Nigths On Broadway, You Win Again, Stayin' Alive.
(Posted by Claudio from BR Gibb)

November 24
:: Robin Gibb interviewed
The Argentinan newspaper Clarin features an interview with Robin Gibb. You can read it at (in Spanish).
When asked if Barry Gibb would participate in Maurice's tribute, his answer was "Yes, absolutely" (?). He also said: "Musically, what I miss most is being at the studio, writing songs, the three of us together." (Posted by Cote)
Read translation (Thanks to Ana from Ellan Vannin)

November 24
:: Who's Who in Australia
Who's Who in Australia (2006 edition) includes Barry and Robin Gibb for the first time. (Posted by Marj L. Source: The

November 23
:: Middle Ear
The date for Middle Ear's new owners to take possession of the facilities has been put off till the end of February 2006 (instead of December this year) [Posted by Ana from Ellan Vannin]
(Scroll down till September 22 to read an article about it)

November 23
:: Guilty Pleasures in Dubai
Guilty Pleasures has been released in Dubai too and has entered the charts at number 29. (Posted by Rabeeh Zakaria)

November 23
:: Barry Gibb's Chat
Barry Gibb chatted with fans yesterday. Read transcript (Thanks to Ana from Ellan Vannin)

November 22
:: Robin Gibb on TV
This morning Robin Gibb was on GMTV to promote Love Songs and performed 'Words'. "He was backed by an acoustic guitar and sang it brilliantly." (Posted by Richard O Donoghue)
According to, next appearance will be next Saturday on ITV (Movie Music Mania).

November 22
:: Robin Gibb in Mexico
Finally Robin Gibb will give two concerts in Mexico: one in the capital city on November 29 and another one in Monterrey on December 1 (See ad). Bee Gees and Robin Gibb's Mexican fans from Bee Gees Latino and Bee Gees Mexico want to give Robin a big welcome. If you are attending the concert in Mexico DF and want to join them, they will gather at the Auditorio Nacional at 2 p.m. (November 29) to have lunch and attend the concert together. They have this message for Robin:
"In Mexico, we are counting the days for your arrival.
You are coming here for the first time to a concert to play the music composed by your brothers and yourself. That makes us have the hope to meet you and shake your hand.
Mexican fans want to honor your career and the fact that you have made us happy with your music.
Would it be possible for you to be with us before the concert, and give us the chance to give you this acknowledgement from your fans?
If so, where could you meet us?
For us, it would be a dream come true, and thank your for the happiness you've brought to our lives with your music.
Thank you very much. Daniel Zarate (Bee Gees Latinoamerica) and Orlando Salazar (Bee Gees Mexico). Email"
(Posted by Daniel Zarate from Bee Gees Latino)

November 22
:: Love Songs
The latest Bee Gees compilation, Love Songs, has already been released in Honk Kong [Correction: Its release has been finally postponed till November 28th]. You can buy it at HMV.
Now Voyager is also available there. And if you are interested in getting Andy Gibb's cds, you can also find them at HMV Hong Kong. (Posted by David Wang)

November 21
:: Barry Gibb's Chat
Barry Gibb chatted with fans last Thursday. Read transcript (Thanks to Ana from Ellan Vannin)

November 20
:: Barry Gibb's Birthday Party
Miami Sun Post (September 15, 2005): "Bowling proved to be a sport that is very much staying alive on South Beach, as four generations of Gibbs joined Bee Gees star Barry Gibb last Wednesday night at Lucky Strike, apparently the hottest birthday party spot on South Beach. The celebration was threefold: Linda and Barry's 35th wedding anniversary, Barry's birthday and Barry's son Ashley's birthday. In between bowling, the group of about 50 munched on burgers and hors d'oeuvres and sipped sour apple martinis (while some of the adult kids downed lemon drop shots). There were three separate cakes – one for each occasion – each differently decorated. The anniversary cake was two-tiered with lifelike pink roses. Barry's birthday cake, also two-tiered, had music notes and silver streamers all over it and Ashley's cake had a basketball and music theme. The party went until 10 p.m., but some of the younger Gibbs extended the stay until midnight. Of course, the whole family belted out what sources are saying was the loudest version of "Happy Birthday" to date at Lucky Strike. The tables were filled with gifts for the extravaganza and clearly the family left happy, because sources say they left a very generous tip." (Posted by Marj L)

November 20
:: Barry Gibb's Now Voyager DVD
Originally released on video in 1984, it features Barry Gibb performing most songs from his Now Voyager album (except She Says), linked by a storyline. If you don't want to wait till its release on 23 January 2006, you can already pre-order Now Voyager dvd from HMV Hong Kong, where it will be released on November 22. (Posted by David Wang)
Now Voyager DVD has already been released in the Netherlands (November 11). You can order it from DVD Winkel (in Dutch)

November 20
:: Love and Hope
Barry Gibb announced he will be performing at the 2006 Love & Hope Ball to raise funds for the Diabetes Research Institute. The concert will take place on Saturday February 18, 2006 at the Westlin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Miami. For more information, please contact:

Diabetes Research Institute Foundation
3440 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 100
Hollywood, FL 33021

Phone -- 954-964-4040
Toll -- 800-321-3437
Fax -- 954-964-7036
E-mail -- [email protected]

November 17
:: Barbra and Barry's new single
Come Tomorrow will be released as a single in the UK on December 19th. The b-side will be a new remix of Night of my life. (Posted by Mary Evans. Source: Barbra News)
br>November 17
:: Robin Gibb update
If you want to read about Robin's TV appearances in the UK to promote Love Songs, visit (Posted by Marj L)
G4's cd single "First of May" featuring Robin Gibb, to be released on December 19, is already available at

November 16
:: Teri De Sario
There is an interview with Teri de Sario at Inq7. She recalls Barry Gibb (Posted by Marj L)

November 14
:: Woman In Love by Liz McLarnon
As you probably know, Liz McLarnon has recorded a version of Woman In Love, co-produced by Robin Gibb, that will be released as a single in 2006. A dance version is already available in the compilation Clubland 8, released on November 7 in the UK. You can buy it at Amazon UK. (Posted by James Bennett)

November 13
:: Bill Gates and the Bee Gees
The Sunday Mail (Australia) features an interview with Brisbane disc jockey Bill Gates, who talks about the Bee Gees. Read interview. (Posted by Mary Evans)

November 11
:: Robin Gibb on E.T.
Yesterday Robin Gibb was interviewed by Mary Hart. He basically said that Barry wasn't involved in Maurice's tribute because at first he wasn't ready for it, and then was busy with Barbra Streisand's album and he (Robin) felt it was not the right time to talk to Barry about the tribute. Read more (Posted by Ana from Ellan Vannin)

November 11
:: Love Songs
You can see the rest of the illustrations made by Jason Cook for "Love Songs" at Flat Liner. (Posted by Jason Cook)

November 10
:: Robin Gibb on E.T.
Tonight Robin will be on Entertainment Tonight to respond to Barry's comments about the tribute to Mo. You can view a clip at ET online (Posted by Pam Ramacher, Nancy Frazier and Marj L)

November 10
:: Night Of My Life
This week Night Of My Life is at number 2 on Billboard's Hot dance Music Club Play.

November 9
:: Robin Gibb's statement
There is a statement by Robin Gibb about Maurice's tribute at

November 8
:: Barry Gibb on E.T.
Entertainment Tonight aired the first part of an interview with Barry Gibb yesterday. You can read about it at IOL. The second part of the interview will be aired today. Watch videos (Posted by Marj L)

November 7
:: Middle Ear Virtual Tour
Middle Ear studios virtual tour is already available at

November 6
:: Robin Gibb - Three concerts in Mexico
As you already know, Robin Gibb will perform at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico DF on November 29th. As the tickets are being sold very quickly, there might be another concert on November 30th. 
Robin Gibb will also sing in Monterrey (Arena Monterrey) on December 1st. 
This will not be the first time Robin visits Mexico. He was there in February 2004 to take part in John Travolta's 50th birthday party, and, back in 1993, he was in Mexico DF promoting Size Isn't Everything with his brothers. Both Barry and Maurice travelled several times on holiday to Acapulco in the late 60s.
(Posted by Daniel Zarate from Bee Gees Latino)

November 3
:: Barry Gibb on TV
According to, Entertainment Tonight will air an interview with Barry Gibb in a few days. If you want to know when, there is more info available at Barry (News - Latest News) Pre-view [Posted by Mary Evans]

November 3
:: Number Ones
Bee Gees Number Ones joins the exclusive list of Bee Gees albums that have spent 50 or more weeks in Billboard's Top 200. The full list: Bee Gees First -52 weeks, Children of the world -63, Main Course - 75, Here at last - 90, Saturday night fever - 120, Spirits having flown - 55, Number Ones -50 (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

November 2
:: Now Voyager DVD
It was reported that Now Voyager was scheduled to be released in October 2005, but according to Amazon the release has been put off until January 16, 2006 (Posted by Robert Kim from BeeGees FanClub Korea)

November 2
:: Barry Gibb's Chat
Yesterday Barry Gibb was in his chat room and announced he will be performing at the Love & Hope Ball in mid February 2006 (he added "Appearing as me not Frank [Sinatra]") and talked about "lots of gigs next year." About Love Songs, he said he didn't have much input in the track list and that he'd prefer just pure Bee Gees songs like Fanny or Love So Right.
On a previous chat session he talked about his plans concerning Maurice Gibb's tribute (an album with songs written by Maurice) and about the possibility of doing a concert via Internet (just him and his guitar) before the end of 2005. (Posted by Mary Evans)

October 29
:: Chatting with Barry Gibb
Last Thursday Barry Gibb was in his chat room. He said:
- Next week there will probably be an announcement about the re-release of the Bee Gees catalogue.
- In May 2004, Robin and he talked about doing a tribute to Maurice and agreed on what to do. However, soon later Robin, Michael Eaton, John Campbell and Ken Graydon created a company called Magnet productions to control any event related to Maurice's tribute. He (Barry) was left out. Barry added Robin speaks one way and acts another, and that money seems more important than music. He blamed Robin's change of attitude on the people around him. He concluded saying Maurice deserves something better. (Posted by Cote. Source: Ellan Vannin)
October 28
:: Bee Gees Love Songs
The USA issue (no bonus tracks) is available at CD Universe, Amazon,...
The UK edition (two bonus tracks: Heart Like Mine and Lovers and Friends) is available at HMV
You can see the album cover at (Posted by Mike Jamieson)

October 28
:: Bee Gees Chords
Bee Gees Chords Website is closing down due to the webmaster's priorities elsewhere. You can still email him at [email protected] and ask him for chords and he will send them to you. Thanks to all of you that have supported the site (Posted by Peter Bryant from "Bee Gees Chords")

October 27
:: Paul McCartney records Too Much Heaven
According to Macca-Central, Paul McCartney has already recorded "Too Much Heaven" with Robin Gibb for the forthcoming tribute album to Maurice Gibb. (Posted by Robert Kim from BeeGees FanClub Korea)

October 27
:: Streisand interviewed
On October 24th, Barbra Streisand was on Ellen Degeneres show to promote (?) Guilty Pleasures. The interview will be aired again on Oxygen TV (Monday, October 31st, 11 pm EST)

October 21
:: Robin Gibb and the tribute to Maurice
A Maurice Gibb tribute album is in the works, and it will feature performances by Paul McCartney, Snoop Dogg, Sheryl Crow, Black Eyed Peas, Wyclef Jean, Beyonce Knowles, Leann Rimes and Eric Clapton. Babyface will produce it.
Clear Channel Entertainment Television has also announced its plan to participate in a multi-platform media project that will pay tribute and celebrate the life of Maurice Gibb, organized by Robin Gibb. Clear Channel Entertainment TV's plans include producing a television show from a live tribute concert featuring top music artists performing some of the Bee Gees' #1 hit songs, in addition to a behind-the-scenes television series and DVD releases of both. The "making of" television series is already being shot as the artists and producers are in the planning, recording and mixing stages of the tribute album. The episodes will document the making of the album and live concert, and will include exclusive interviews with the recording artists. Each show will lead up to the finale which showcases the actual live concert. In conjunction with the television series, CCETV will also release a DVD to include all episodes of the series as well as the broadcast of the concert performances. "This project brings yet another dimension to the hugely successful Bee Gees history and is a part of the vision which Robin has for keeping Maurice's -- and the Bee Gees' -- legacy alive to fans new and old. We are proud to be playing a part in this grand plan," says Steve Sterling, Senior Vice President of CCETV.
(Posted by Marj L and Steven Johnson. Source: Businesswire)

October 22
:: Robin Gibb's Latin American Tour
Robin Gibb will play in:
Brazil on November 24 at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo. (Posted by Claudio from BR Gibb)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (Luna Park Arena) on November 26. (Posted by Suzana and Andrea Lettieri)
Mexico DF at the Auditorio Nacional on November 29th. (Posted by Orlando Salazar from Tributo A Los Bee Gees)

"We the members of BGI
  are hoping that the many 
fans from around the world
join us again in paying
  tribute to Maurice on 
January 12th by lighting
a candle in his honor....
Thanks for everything."
(By Glenna Marie Helton - BGI)

DVD - Barry Gibb's Now Voyager

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