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January 4, 2004
:: Lover's Prayer hits the charts

The single 'Lover's Prayer' / 'Bring It On' enters the UK charts at # 5 (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

January 12
:: Remembering Maurice Gibb

One year has passed by since Maurice Gibb left us. Bee Gees fans don't forget him and never will.

January 18

:: Grammy Hall of Fame

Saturday Night Fever is one of the 14 albums that have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

January 23
:: Barry Gibb performance: Let It Rain gala

Barry Gibb performed today at theLet It Rain Gala hosted by Lea and Roy Black to benefit the Bay Point School (Key Biscayne, Miami). Bay Point School is a boarding school program for students with behaviour problems. (You can visit the "Concerts" page for the song list) (By Ana, Ellan Vannin)

January 26
:: Number 1 for a Bee Gees song in Taiwan

The Taiwanese trio S.H.E., formed by Selina, Hebe and Elle, recorded a version of the Bee Gees song I.O.I.O. for their album Super Star, released in August 2003. The song went number 1 in Taiwan. (Posted by Gordon Peng)

February 2
:: "Gibb played hand in busting gang"

"Rock musician Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees died last year, but police say he has helped break up one of the most daring burglary gangs ever to operate in South Florida." Read full article here (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

February 11
:: Robin Gibb in Mexico

Last weekend, Robin Gibb attended John Travolta's 50th birthday party, held at the One & Only Pamilla resort in Mexico, and performed How Deep Is Your Love. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

February 15
:: "Bee Gee's family to settle over death"

"The family of Bee Gees star Maurice Gibb, who died of a heart attack last year, are close to reaching an out-of-court settlement with the hospital they blame for his sudden death which could run into millions of pounds. Lawyers for Gibb’s widow Yvonne and those acting for Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami are understood to be close to agreeing a deal which will meet her wish to avoid the circumstances surrounding the star’s death being dragged through the American courts. This comes despite claims that Gibb’s brothers and fellow band members, Robin and Barry, were keen to sue the high-profile hospital for negligence rather than reach a settlement." Read full article

February 20
Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees:: Barry talks about plans

These days Barry has been to Middle Ear studio to rehearse for the Love and Hope Ball. When asked yesterday about the rumours concerning:
- the end of the Bee Gees,
- Robin and he working separately in the future
- and the release of a Barry's solo album
Barry said he cannot make any comments since he doesn't know yet what he'll do in the future. He added that Robin has been working in Europe, but that for the moment he doesn't know what he'll do in the future. (By Ana, Ellan Vannin)

February 24
:: Singles Sales in the UK

According to Channel 4's TV show The Ultimate Pop Star, the Bee Gees are at #18 on the list of artists selling more singles in the UK in the last 50 years, with 6,943,851 singles sold. As songwriters they have sold 20 million singles in the UK. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

March 1
:: Barry Gibb performance at the Love and Hope Ball

Last Saturday February 28 Barry Gibb performed in concert Swing on a Star at the 30th Anniversary of Love and Hope benefiting the Diabetes Research Institute. With him were mum Barbara, wife Linda, their five children and partners, and their two grandchildren. He didn't perform any Bee Gees songs but classics. Visit the "Concerts" page for the songlist. (Posted by Henar. Source: Georgette Hodson - Bee Gees Bulletin Board)

March 4
:: Robin Gibb's whereabouts

After spending almost a year in Europe (except for short stays in the USA last May and in Mexico in February), Robin Gibb is now in the United States, in his Miami Beach home. He has been in Miami Beach since mid-February, mainly resting. He plans to go back to Britain in a few days. (Ana - Ellan Vannin)

(March 25: - Robin Gibb left Miami Beach and returned to Britain last weekend.)

March 18
:: Barry Gibb's new "baby"

If you want to see Barry's new baby-blue Lamborghini Murcielago, visit Ellan Vannin (By Ana, Ellan Vannin)

La Gorce IslandSunset Island II:: Maurice's house on Sunset Island II sold
Maurice Gibb's house on Sunset Island II (which was put in the market a few months ago for over $5m) has been sold. Before the end of May Yvonne Gibb will move to her new residence, that is, to the house they bought in 2002 (see photo on the left), just a few months before Maurice's death. (By Ana, Ellan Vannin)

March 28
:: Barry Gibb mentioned in book

Barry gets mentioned in 'Howling at the moon' wriiten by Walter Yetnikoff, president of CBS Records from 1975 until 1990.
Yetnikoff: "I also got into rows with Barbra Streisand. We were always screaming at each other, then making up. We shared deep Brooklyn Jewish roots that helped us understand one another. Barbra was obsessed with sales. Her duet with Donna Summer - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) - went to No.1. But how could we keep her hot? The answer was to pair her with Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. The song, Guilty, was cut in a haze of herb and we had a hit. Robert Stigwood, the force behind Saturday Night Fever and manager of the Bee Gees' RSO label, hit us with a lawsuit for failing to consult. I called to apologise."
You can buy it at
April 11
:: Memories: Andy Gibb in Taipei

Andy Gibb's last performance outside the USA took place in Taipei, Taiwan in January 1986. You can see photos of Andy's performance at Yukuang, a Taiwanese musical magazine. The director of that magazine is the same person who invited Andy to play in Taiwan (Posted by Gordon Peng).

April 18
:: UK's Rich List

Barry and Robin Gibb appear on The Sunday Times' Rich List with � million.The Sunday Times Rich List profiles the 1,000 richest people and families in Britain and is now in its 16th year of publication. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

April 25
:: Top Ten in New Zealand

The duo Adeaze has released a version of 'How deep is your love' in New Zealand. The song entered the charts at #6 two weeks ago and is now at #7. In an interview they said Maurice Gibb passed away when they were recording the album, and they decided to record the song as a tribute to him. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

April 25
:: The Saturday Night Fever musical extends season in Singapore

The Singapore run of the musical Saturday Night Fever has been extended to May 2, 2004. The Australian production of the Broadway and West End smash hit premiered in Singapore on April 3, 2004. After its season there, it will travel to Malaysia, Hong Kong and then to Australia and New Zealand.
It seems the stage version of Saturday Night Fever is winning the Bee Gees new fans in Singapore. In response to the renewed interest, Universal Music has restocked shelves there with a number of compilations and individual titles such as Odessa, Spirits Having Flown and Size Isn't Everything, as well as Fever's original London cast album.

May 10
:: Saturday Night Fever- The Musical kicks off in Malaysia

'Saturday Night Fever - The Musical' began its Malaysian run in grand style at Istana Budaya' Kuala Lumpur Saturday night.

PAMay 12
:: "Bee Gees overwhelmed by honorary degrees"

Irish Examiner: "Robin and Barry Gibb were at the University of Manchester to accept degrees making them doctors of music.
Barry said: "The ceremony was completely overwhelming and wonderful.
"Maurice would be very proud. He was applauding as well. He's looking down on us and I bet he wishes he was here."
Barry, 56, said it had been a "difficult time" since Maurice died but he and Robin, 54, were opening a recording studio at a Manchester school later today in his honour.
Barry pledged that he and Robin would continue recording.
Joking with reporters, he said: "Dr Gibb. I can write prescriptions now."
Wearing red and yellow gowns and soft black velvet caps, the pair posed for photographers and signed autographs for fans.
Read articles

May 13
:: Barry and Robin open a school recording studio named in memory of their brother Maurice

South Manchester Reporter: "After receiving honorary degrees from Manchester University the brothers made their way to the new multi-million pound Oakwood High on Nell Lane. The school has recently built a state-of-the-art recording studio. Teachers emailed the Bee Gees earlier this year to ask if they could name the facility in Maurice's honour.
Following a tour of the studio the pair were treated to a special performance from the youngsters including a rendition of Staying Alive, a samba version of Jive Talking, a ballet to Words and a vocal arrangement of Too Much Heaven.
And as Barry, 56, pressed a button to open the suite he made a touching tribute to Maurice.
"Here one's for you pal", he said, and turning to the guests at the ceremony, added: "He finally got top billing."
Robin, 54, added: "Today's a fantastic day and calling it after Maurice would have made him very proud."
The trip brought back memories of their time growing up on Keppel Road where the three began practising the harmonies which would eventually turn them into world superstars. Since the announcement that the Bee Gees would be in the area the school has been inundated with calls from fans eager to catch a glimpse of their idols. Read articles

May 14
:: Barry Gibb signs new deal

United Talent Agency"Barry Gibb has signed with UTA in all areas, including live performance, acting and creating music for motion pictures, television and stage.
Founded in 1991, the UTA (United Talent Agency) is a Hollywood talent agency representing big-name movie celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp, and Jim Carrey. The firm also has a client list of directors and screenwriters, finances films and TV shows and has a music division that represents recording artists such as Nelly, Celine Dion, and Ricky Martin.

May 17
:: Tea with Robin Gibb

IcBerkshire: "The pop superstar made a special appearance at an auction held at Englemere in Ascot for the Paul Bevan Cancer Foundation. He had agreed to have tea with a successful bidder and this lot alone raised �900.
Robin mingled with excited bidders and said: "It is great to be back in Ascot, this really was my stamping ground in earlier days. My children Spencer and Melissa were born in Heatherwood Hospital."
Robin said he was delighted so many people wanted to have tea with him, but admitted: "If I was able to choose who I would like to have tea with it would be Sir Bob Geldof. At least I would not have to dress up."

ReutersMay 27
:: Bee Gees collect CBEs

During an emotional ceremony today at Buckingham Palace in London, Prince Charles made the surviving members of the Bee Gees -- Barry and Robin Gibb -- Commanders of the Order of the British Empire, or CBE. Late member Maurice's son, Adam, received the award on his father's behalf. Robin was joined by wife Dwina and his daughter Melissa and son Robin John, while Barry was accompanied by wife Linda and daughter Alexandra.
The group was awarded their honours three years ago but work commitments led to delays in collecting them. Barry Gibb also admitted that his fear of flying post September 11 had added to the delay.
Later in the Palace quadrangle, Robin said: "This is for Maurice", and as they posed for the cameras Barry said: "This is the greatest day of my life."
"It's bittersweet. It would have been wonderful for all three of us to be here," said Barry Gibb. "We have mixed feelings. Knowing Mo, this would have been right up his alley. He would have still had his hat on," a reference to the artist's beloved black trilby. "Nothing could remove that hat," his twin brother Robin added. Read articles. Watch video.

May 29
:: Australia: New South Wales tribute to Bee Gees

New South Wales Premier Bob Carr turned up at the Gibb family's old three-bedroom red brick bungalow to unveil a plaque to honour their stay in Sydney's beachside suburb of Maroubra between 1963 and 1966. Read article.

May 30
:: Barry Gibb attends Pro-celebrity cricket to aid missing persons

Today Barry Gibb attended a pro-celebrity cricket match in aid of the National Missing Persons Helpline charity (NMPH), held at the Imber Court Metropolitan Police Cricket Grounds, Ember Lane, East Molesey, Surrey.
There with him were his wife Linda and four of their five children (only Stephen was missing), and also Yvonne and Adam Gibb.
Report: GSI

June 1
:: Andy Gibb on dvd

Release today of the dvd "Punky Brewster - Season One." You can order it from Amazon. The dvdincludes the two episodes featuring Andy Gibb:
- "Miss Adorable," first aired on November 25, 1984. Andy Gibb acts himself hosting a beauty pageant.
- "Play it again, Punky," first aired on Jan 20, 1985. Andy Gibb is 'Tony Glen', a music teacher that teaches Punky to play the piano.

June 15

:: Robin Gibb attends fundraising event

Early this month Robin Gibb, his wife Dwina and son Robin John attended a royal gala performance of Geraldine Hughes' show Belfast Blues at the Soho Theatre in London to aid Parkinson's Appeal. The anecdote: Robin, one of the show's main sponsors, arrived late due to London's gridlocked traffic and the organisers of the fund-raising evening decided to delay the start of the play until Robin and his family arrived twenty minutes later. (Source: Mayfair News Service)

June 23
:: Stayin' Alive in the top ten of best movie songs

The list of the 100 best movie songs was announced yesterday in the CBS special AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Songs. The show's host was John Travolta, and 'Stayin' Alive came in at No. 9.
The Top Ten songs: 1. Over the rainbow, 2. As time goes by, 3. Singin in the rain, 4. Moon river, 5. White Christmas, 6. Mrs Robinson, 7. When you wish upon a star, 8. The way we were, 9. Stayin alive and 10. The sound of music. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

June 29
:: Robin Gibb performance at the Hollywood Bowl

Last Friday June 25 Robin Gibb performed in honour of Brian Wilson when the latter was inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame.
Robin Gibb was there to introduce the Wilson segment and sing How Deep Is Your Love, which sounded strange without the upholstering of the Bee Gees, but was very much enjoyed by the audience.

July 5
:: Robin Gibb's 4th of July performance

Last night Robin Gibb performed at A Capitol Fourth concert held in Washington DC. He sang three Saturday Night Fever songs: Jive talkin', How deep is your love and Stayin alive, which were very much enjoyed by the audience.
According to The Washington Post, Robin's was the best performance of the night: "The show's most refreshing performance: a tribute to the disco era of the Bee Gees, featuring a performance by Robin Gibb. With Jive Talkin', How Deep Is Your Love? and Stayin' Alive, Gibb was the only performer whose songs were free of an inspirational agenda; they simply took people back to a good time in their lives."
A Capitol Fourth" marked one of the first public performances by Gibb since the death of his twin brother, Maurice, last year. "My son R.J. was born in America," Gibb says, "so he's been brought up to be very observant of that day as well. It's a very big event for him." (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman. Source: Newsday)

July 8
:: Fever

Having first played the city in 1998, the Saturday Night Fever show returns to London after a sell-out UK tour where it was seen by more than 500,000 people. On the opening night (July 6) the audience at London's Apollo Victoria were up on their feet and boogying ecstatically during the show. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)
The Saturday Night Fever stage musical has also reached Korea. It will be at the Seoul Arts Center from July 17 to August 3.
In Australia the 12-week Sydney season is about to end; then the show will play three cities in New Zealand before returning to Australia for a residency in Melbourne in 2005. The New Zealand run starts October 1 in Auckland. The show premieres in Melbourne on December 31.
The musical will be also played in Oslo, Norway, this autumn. The theatre is called Chat Noir, and the premiere date is September 15. (Posted by Solv錼 Reiten)
The show can also be seen in the USA at the Sahara in Las Vegas, where is now on an unlimited run. (Posted by Nancy Frazier)

July 8-31
:: Barry at work

Barry is back to work at Middle Ear studio to record demos of some new songs, with Brian Tench (ESP - 1987, One -1989) as the recording engineer. (Posted by Ana, from Ellan Vannin)

August 6
:: Barbara Gibb interviewed

The August issue of the Australian Woman's Weekly Magazine features an interview with Barbara Gibb. She will travel to Australia later this month to visit family and friends and to represent her sons at a Walk of Stars ceremony to be held in Caloundra, Queensland on September 1. Read article

August 8
:: SNF fourth in poll

BBC 6Music carried out a poll to find the best movie soundtracks; Saturday Night Fever came at #4.

August 12
:: Tribute to Maurice Gibb by Edinho Santa Cruz

Next Monday August 16 the Brazilian singer Edinho Santa Cruz will release a Maurice Gibb tribute album. The Cd features versions of Bee Gees songs in Portuguese plus a song Edinho has written to honor Maurice Gibb called 'Last Forever'. Download (634 kb).You can order the cd from Submarino
(Posted by Claudio from BR Gibb)

August 22
:: Interview with Maurice Gibb

The US magazine Goldmine features in its latest issue (#629) an interview from 1997 with Maurice Gibb. In it Maurice Gibb talked about the Bee Gees career, their admiration for the Beatles, how some of their best-known songs were born, the lack of promotion in the US in the 80s, how proud he was of 'Fanny'..

August 30
:: Related releases
Samantha Gibb's band, MEG, has recorded an EP with five songs. If you want to listen to some of the songs and buy it, visit MEG's website. (Posted by Susan Caputto)

September 1
:: New induction for the Bee Gees

On September 20th the Bee Gees will be inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame. For more details visit Dmhof. (Posted by Marj. L.)

September 1
:: A day to celebrate

Today September 1, the third most sucessful songwriter and producer ever, with 16 #1 hits written and 14 #1 hits produced, Barry Gibb, has turned 58. (By Juan Cristobal Guzman)

September 5
:: The Bee Gees big in Germany

The Bee Gees are the 5th most successful band of all times in Germany. First are the Beatles, 2. ABBA, 3. Sweet, 4. Boney M, 5. Bee Gees. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

September 15
:: "Bee Gee Robin Presents Cheque to Thame Youngster"

Thame News, Sept 14: "Pop superstar and Thame resident, Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, took time out from his busy schedule today, to present a cheque to a young Thame boy who has cerebral palsy. (...) Robin Gibb chatted to an obviously excited Sam and presented him with a signed copy of his latest CD. (...) Robin is off to Germany tomorrow for a series of gigs in Germany and he told Sandra that he is looking forward to some time off at Christmas, which he expects to spend at home in Thame." (Posted by Marj. L. Source: Thame News)

September 19
:: Robin Gibb: Tribute Concert for Maurice & CD

Robin Gibb plans a televised tribute concert for Maurice in Spring '05 and a commemorative album featuring artists singing classic Bee Gees hits to be released in Fall 2005, featuring chart topping contemporary vocalists. A limited Making Of non-scripted television series is planned to precede the release of the CD, and there will also be a world tour. (Posted by Nora Nichols and Marj. L. Source: BBC)

September 17-26
::Robin Gibb's Magnetic Tour
Robin Gibb tours Germany with the Frankfurt philharmonic orchestra, a four-piece band, four back-up singers, and with Lucia and Alistair Griffin as opening acts.
Robin's shows last around 75 minutes and he performs:
- Four of his solo songs: Please, Juliet, Saved By The Bell and Love Hurts
- A version of My Lover's Prayer together with Alistair Griffin
- Bee Gees hits: Emotion, Message to you, How deep is your love, Nights on Broadway, Massachusetts, Night fever, New York mining disaster, To love somebody, Words, You win again, Tragedy, Stayin alive and Jive talkin'
The audience response was fantastic in all concerts and Robin had a great time performing.
The Bonn concert was taped with the view of releasing it on DVD.

September 25
:: Robin Gibb at Steffi Graf's tennis gala

Robin Gibb was the guest artist at the Steffi Graf's tennis gala held today in Berlin to benefit the "Children for tomorrow" association. He performed Stayin' Alive, You Win Again and Juliet (changing the lyrics in honour of Steffi). At the end of the match between Steffi Graf and Gabriela Sabatini, he also performed How Deep Is Your Love. See photo (Source: ZDF. Thank you Marj. L.)

September 26
:: "Lulu's tears for Maurice..."

...when she was shown a clip of her singing with her ex-husband during an interview on 'Kelly's Show' (UTV). Read full article at Belfast Telegraph.

September 27
:: What a new baby

First was a Lamborghini Murcielago, and now Barry has bought a new Bentley Continental GT. (Posted by Marj. L. Source: Ellan Vannin)

September 30
:: Barry Gibb: cool voice

The singer's voice is so distinctive that you immediately recognize the artist. For Barry Gibb is in the top 5 of the most distinct voices in music. The top ten list: 1. Dylan 2. Barry White, 3 Louis Armstrong, 4 Pavarotti, 5 Barry Gibb, 6 Elvis Presley, 7 Axl Rose, 8 James Brown, 9 Aaron Neville and 10 David Gohan. Also, The album Bee Gees Greatest is the 6th greatest pop album ever. (Posted by Marj L & Juan Cristobal Guzman. Source:

October 2
:: Robin Gibb takes part in fundrising event in Thame

Back from the German tour, Robin Gibb was the special celebrity guest at the charity concert held last Tuesday at St Mary's Church in Thame to raise money for the Haemotology Day Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. He presented a cheque for �000 to Doctor Tim Littlewood during the evening. (Posted by Marj L. Source: Thame Today)

October 7
:: Saturday Night Fever opens in Auckland

The SNF musical opened in Auckland, New Zealand, last Sunday. You can read a review at the New Zealand Herald (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

October 7
:: 'Stayin Alive' among best Brit songs ever

British radio program Capitol Gold has carried out a poll to find the most popular songs in Britain. Bee Gees song Stayin alive was voted in the Top Ten, at No 9. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

October 12
:: Barry at work

Barry Gibb is back to studio to work on new songs. Brian Tench comes from England to work with him as recording engineer. Work lasts till October 30. (Posted by Ana from Ellan Vannin and Marj. L)

October 17

:: "Get down tonight"

The disco special "My Music: Get Down Tonight," filmed in Asbury Park in August, is set to premiere at 7 p.m. Saturday on NJN. The impetus for "Get Down Tonight" came one evening while producer Lubinsky was driving home with the radio on and heard the Bee Gees' version of 'How Deep is Your Love.' Karen Lynn Gorney, who starred 'Saturday Night Fever' with Travolta, says that while shooting the new footage in Brooklyn, "there was a little parakeet among the pigeons. Maybe it was Maurice Gibb coming back as a parakeet. He was singing. It was so strange. It was kind of special to be out there talking about Maurice and just to be by the water. It was a great day." The show will be dedicated to Maurice Gibb and there will be a tribute to the Bee Gees.

October 20

:: "How many sleeps"

"How Many Sleeps" is the ballad written by Barry Gibb and David English which is featured on the B-side of Cliff Richard's latest single. David English has said about the song: "I wrote the song about my daughter Amy Rose, who as a little girl used to phone me from Zimbabwe, where she lived at the time, and asked, How many sleeps before I see you daddy?' She would measure how long she hadn't seen me in how many nights she had slept. I thought this was a lovely idea for a song so me and Barry went to Miami to record it. We thought it would be perfect for Cliff so he came over and put down the vocals. The funny thing is that Cliff hasn't even met Amy Rose, even though he's singing about her." (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman. Source This Is Local London)

October 20

:: "Words of Bee Gees break through hardened culture"

"This life has lost its glory. Let's start a brand new story, now, my love." How often these simple words seem relevant from time to time in just about all of our lives. They certainly rung true in the lives of Barry and Robin when brother Maurice died in 2003 and the band ended. The Bee Gees were the most successful band in history after the Beatles. The opening quotation is from their song "Words" that ends with Barry's voice, filled with emotion, telling us that, "words are all I have, to tell my love to you." Maybe these "words" are becoming more and more lost on a culture hardened by the commonplace breakup of families and loving relationships, widespread financial hardship, with war, accidents and drug busts on every TV channel. The Bee Gees aren't really gone. Their heart-rending music and song live on in the magic of film and videos..." Read full article at Metro West Daily News (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

November 1
:: Robin Gibb on the Album Chart Show

Robin Gibb is already promoting Number Ones in the UK. Today he was on the Album Chart Show on BBC Radio 2, where he said Barry and he will go on writing songs. When asked about Maurice's Tribute Concert, Robin said it is on hold until Barry feels ready to do it. (Posted by Marj L. Source

November 1
:: Number Ones Out Today

The Bee Gees Number Ones CD is out today in most of Europe. If the album enters the UK album charts, 37 years and 3 months will have passed since their first album released in the UK, Bee Gees First, entered the UK charts (August 12, 1967 at 34, then it climbed to No 8)
It will be released in The USA and Canada on November 9, in Australia and New Zealand on November 15. In Brazil it will be realeased in December and in Japan on December 17. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

November 6
:: Robin Gibb on "Later"

Last night Robin Gibb was on BBC 2's TV show "Later with Jools Holland" to promote Bee Gees Number Ones. He was interviewed and performed "Massachusetts" live. (Posted by Mary Evans)

November 7

:: Bee Gees stamps

Barry and Robin have kindly agreed to promote a Commemorative Stamp Cover in support of St Bridget's Hospice Care's 21st Birthday. The Stamp Cover - there are 500 signed personally by Barry and Robin - is available now both on the Isle of Man and throughout the rest of the world via the Internet (Posted by Marj L. Source:

November 7

:: Sunday Times interview

Robin Gibb was interviewed by Paul Sexton for the Sunday Times.Read full article from Sunday Times (Posted by Glenna Marie Helton & Marj L. Source:

November 7-18
:: Top Ten for the Bee Gees!

They did it again! Number Ones has entered the UK album charts at No 7, giving the their 14th top ten album in a career spanning over 37 years.
According to Music Media, Number Ones has entered the charts at 25 in Europe based on sales in the UK (no 7), Ireland (20), France (31), Italy (60), Germany (43), Austria (71), Switzerland (47)...
In USA it enters at 23 and the Dvd at No 1.
In Canada the album Number Ones enters at 26 improving also The Record, which entered and peaked at 32 back in 2001.
In New Zealand Number Ones enters at 13, achieving platinum status. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)

November 12

:: UK Music Hall of Fame

No luck this time. It looks like the BeeGees did not make it into the UK Music Hall of Fame to be shown Sunday night. (Posted by Marj L.)

November 15
:: Commander's Cup

The world-renown Commander's Cup was held November 12 - 14 outside of San Diego, California's Qualcomm Stadium. 162 lucky teams competed for the world-renowned Commander's Cup, an ever-impressive cup dedicated to the memory of our beloved Maurice Gibb, who was and still is the greatest ambassador of paintball. You can read here an interview Maurice gave to Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine in 2002. Next year's Commanders Cup will be held in Miami. (Source: 68Caliber)

November 19
:: Children In Need

Once more, Robin Gibb has contributed to the BBC Children In Need Appeal charity. You could bid to spend an afternoon at Robin's studio in his home. Today Robin was on BBC's Children in Need presenting the cheque: The song-writing master class with him went for 26,000 pounds to Mike Dawson of York. (Posted by Marj L. Source: BBC Radio 2)

November 20

:: Barry for pets

Barry Gibb donated a signed guitar to be auctioned to benefit homeless animals at the "Play for Paws" Las Vegas Night party held yesterday by the Humane Society of Greater Miami at the Mayfair House in Coconut Grove. The party has made $40,000 for the night which included the signed guitar by Barry. (Posted by Marj L.)

November 23

:: Energy Globe Awards

Robin was asked to be the patron for the Australian/Youth category of the Energy Globe Awards, supported by the UN and today's most important environmental awards. Robin's contribution to the awards has been taped at his home in Oxfordshire and will be aired tomorrow in Austria (ORF2) at 22.30 CET. It will be aired again on December 14 (12.10 CET) by 3SAT. (Posted by Marj L / Marion Budde)

November 28

:: Robin Gibb on German TV

Last night Robin Gibb was in Bremen, Germany, to take part in ZDF's show 50 Jahre Rock! He performed How Deep Is Your Love, and then was asked to sing a bit of Massachusetts, which he did a capella, joined by the audience. Again a fantastic performance! (Posted by Marj L.)

December 1-2
:: New versions

Snoop Dogg has included a sample of the Bee Gees song 'Love you inside out' in his song "Ups and downs" from his latest album R&G: The Masterpiece, which entered the USA charts at No 6 last week. (Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman)
According to Laut, Billy Corgan, former Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan member, has recorded a version of "To love somebody" together with The Cure-singer Robert Smith. The song will appear on a solo album by Corgan in spring next year. (Posted by Sebastian Wanke. Source: Laut)

December 2
:: Robin Gibb tour photos available for purchase

Photographer Guido Karp of "Fans United" and Robin Gibb have selected 50 photos to make available to fans, which were shot during Robin's Magnetic Tour of Germany this past September. For more details, and an order form and photo sample, check out Robin Gibb's official site at ("Magnetic Tour" section - topic "Official Tour Photos") [Posted by]

December 3
:: Busy day for Robin Gibb

First he was on Channel 4's  Richard and Judy chat show to promote Number Ones (you can see photos at Robin Gibb's Forum),
and then he rushed to Thame to switch on the lights of the Christmas Tree of Hope. See photos. Read (scroll till last paragraph) (posted by Marj L)
And remember next Thursday December 9 Robin will be on ITV's "Christmas Countdown" at 17.00 GMT. He and a TV chef will cook chestnut Wellington (ITV)

December 3
:: Melody available on DVD

The movie Melody (1971), whose soundtrack features six Bee Gees songs, has been released on DVD in Japan. It's in English, with subtitles in Japanese. You can buy it from HMV Japan (Region 2) (Posted by "Robert Stigwood" from Robin's Reign)

December 5
:: Back in Middle Ear

Yesterday Barry Gibb resumed work at Middle Ear studio. This time he will be assisted by Brad as recording engineer and also by John Merchant on some sessions. He'll be working at the studio till December 17, when he'll make a break for Christmas. You can see photos at Ellan Vannin. (Posted by Ana from Ellan Vannin)

December 11
:: Robin the cook

On Thursday Robin was  on ITV's Christmas Countdown to "help" a TV chef cook chestnut Wellington. Click here to see the vegetarian recipe they cooked. And you can see photos at Robin Gibb's Forum.

December 12
:: Release of I cannot give you my love

Tomorrow Cliff Richard's single I Cannot Give You My Love will be released in the UK. The song was written by Barry Gibb and his son Ashley. Cliff Richard's recording features Barry Gibb on backing vocals and Maurice Gibb on keyboards. Will this be the 50th top 10 for a Gibb song in the UK? The song truly deserves it. You can buy this cd single from Amazon UK

December 17

:: Reissue of the Living Eyes CD

The elusive Living Eyes Cd has been reissued today by Universal in Japan, together with 16 more cds of the Bee Gees catalogue. You can order it from HMV Japan. (Posted by Thomas Dirzininkas. Source: MediaWars)

December 19

:: I cannot give you my love enters charts

Cliff Richard's single has entered the UK charts at No 13 and becomes the 80th top 40 for song written or performed by a Gibb brother in the UK. Click here for the lyrics.

December 20

:: Rolling Stone magazine's top 500 songs

The Bee Gees have 2 songs in the top 500 greatest songs list in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Stayin' Alive is at No. 189 and How Deep Is Your Love is at No. 366. (Posted by James & Kelly  Reed. Source: Rolling Stone)

December 20
:: Robin Gibb in Birmingham

Yesterday Robin Gibb was in Birmingham (UK) to take part in Jasper Carrott's Christmas Cracker, a surprise-guest charity show, held at the NEC Arena. He performed To Love Somebody, Night Fever, You Win Again, How Deep Is Your Love, Jive Talkin', Tragedy and Stayin' Alive. All profits for the show go to charity. (Posted by Marj L. Source IcBirmingham)

December 22
:: Happy birthday Robin and Maurice!

On this day in 1949, two superb artists were born. Sadly one of them is no longer with us, but we'll never forget him. (Posted by Susan Caputto)

December 27
:: New album for Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand has recently admitted she's planning a new album with Barry Gibb. (Posted by Sebastian Wanke. Sources: The Scotsman & Gala)

December 27

:: Want to play Barry Gibb role?

Theatre Ancaster (Ancaster, Canada) is having an audition on January 11 for a musical called Night Fever - The Music of the Bee Gees and Friends. One male singer must have the range of Barry Gibb. If interested, visit Theatre Ancaster (Source: Ancaster News)

December 29
:: Bee Gees tribute show in South Africa

Fans in Pretoria have a chance to attend a show called Immortality: The Bee Gees that will be on until February 5 at the Liberty Theatre on The Square, in Sandton (Posted by Marj L. Source: Pretoria News)

December 29
:: Saturday Night Fever in Melbourne

The stage musical will open on January 5 at the State Theatre (Victorian Arts Centre). There will be previews from December 30 to January 4. (Source: That's Melbourne)

December 29
:: Robin and Dwina's Christmas message

You can read Robin and Dwina's Christmas message at Robin Gibb's Forum.

December 30, 2004
:: Two top 10's for Number Ones

This week Numbers Ones is Top Ten both in Brazil (#2) and New Zealand (#10). [Posted by Juan Cristobal Guzman]

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