POLL 1: Sep.1 2001-Sep 1 2002
Number of votes: 136


1. What was the first Bee Gees song you ever listened to?

Stayin' alive (31)
Words (12)
I started a joke (11)
How deep is your love (7)
Alone (6)
New York mining disaster 1941 (6)
To love somebody (6)
How can you mend a broken heart (5)
Jive talkin' (5)
Night fever (5)
Massachusetts (4)
You win again (4)

Three kisses of love (3)
Love so right (2)
One (2)
Run to me (2)
Spicks and specks (2)
Tragedy (2)
Children of the world (1)
Holiday (1)
I've gotta get a message to you (1)
Juliet (1)
Lonely days (1)
Melody fair (1)

More than a woman (1)
My world (1)
Nights on Broadway (1)
Ordinary lives (1)
Paying the price of love (1)
Secret love (1)
Too much heaven (1)
When he's gone (1)
Woman in you (1)
World (1)

2. The best Bee Gees albums are:

Still waters (61)
This is where I came in (56)
One (45)

Size isn't everything (34)
Main course (31)
Spirits having flown (31)
Saturday night fever (18)
Living eyes (17)
One night only (16)
The record (15)

Children of the world (8)
ESP (7)
High civilization (5)
Mr Natural (5)
Odessa (5)
Bee Gees First (4)
Idea (4)
Bee Gees Greatest (3)
Best of Bee Gees (3)
Trafalgar (3)

Best of Bee Gees vol 2 (2)
Here at last (2)
Horizontal (2)
How old are you (2)
Stayin' alive (2)
2 years on (1)
Any of the 60's albums (1)
Tales (1)
The very best of the Bee Gees (1)
To whom it may concern (1)

3. Five songs you'd like the Bee Gees to play live

You win again (25)
For whom the bell tolls (23)
Fanny (be tender with my love) (21)
How deep is your love (18)

One (18)

Alone (15)
I started a joke (15)
Wedding day (15)
Embrace (13)
Love you inside out (13)
Stayin' alive (13)
Spirits (having flown) (12)
Living eyes (11)
Man in the middle (11)
Sacred trust (10)
To love somebody (10)
Bodyguard (9)
Baby as you turn away (8)
Paying the price of love (8)
Rings around the moon (8)
Too much heaven (8)
Wish you were here (8)
Words (8)
Closer than close (7)
Juliet (7)
Love so right (7)
Run to me (7)
Secret love (7)
Above and beyond (6)
Deja vu (6)
Islands in the stream (6)
Jive talkin' (6)
Lonely days (6)
Mr Natural (6)
My lover's prayer (6)
Rest your love on me (6)
This is where I came in (6)
Country lanes (5)
I could not love you more (5)
I will (5)
Massachusetts (5)
Melody fair (5)
Night fever (5)
Songbird (5)
Spicks and specks (5)
Tragedy (5)
You should be dancing (5)
Emotion (4)
First of May (4)
If I can't have you (4)
Just in case (4)
Lamplight (4)
Love me (4)
More than a woman (4)
Morning of my life (4)
Ordinary lives (4)
Someone belonging to someone (4)
Technicolor dreams (4)

And the sun will shine (3)
Come on over (3)
Down the road (3)
Elisa (3)
Ellan Vannin (3)
Happy ever after (3)
Heart like mine (3)
He's a liar (3)
Holiday (3)
House of shame (3)
How can you mend a broken heart (3)
I surrender (3)
I will be there (3)
Irresistible force (3)
Kiss of life (3)
My world (3)
Nights on Broadway (3)
Odessa (3)
Saved by the bell (3)
She keeps on coming (3)
Walkin' on air (3)
Be who you are (2)
Blue Island (2)
Boogie child (2)
Don't fall in love with me (2)
Edge of the universe (2)
ESP (2)
Eyes that see in the dark (2)
Fallen angel (2)
Flesh and blood (2)
Grease (2)
Haunted house (2)
Heartbreaker (2)
I still love you (2)
I've gotta get a message to you (2)
Kitty can (2)
Lemons never forget (2)
Love never dies (2)
New York mining disaster 1941 (2)
Omega man (2)
Paradise (2)
Reaching out (2)
Road to Alaska (2)
Smoke and mirrors (2)
Still waters run deep (2)
Tears (2)
The only love (2)
Throw a penny (2)
Tokyo nights (2)
When he's gone (2)
Wildfower (2)
Wind of change (2)
Woman in love (2)

Angela (1)
Another lonely night in New York (1)
Bad bad dreams (1)
Black diamond (1)
Boys do fall in love (1)
Chain reaction (1)
Comfortably numb -Pink Floyd (1)
Country woman (1)
Cucumber castle (1)
Dearest (1)
Dogs (1)
Don't forget to remember (1)
Evolution (1)
Give a hand, take a hand (1)
Had a lot of love last night (1)
Heavy breathing (1)
High civilization (1)
I am the world (1)
I can't see nobody (1)
I'll kiss your memory (1)
I'm satisfied (1)
Kilburn towers (1)
Lay it on me (1)
Let there be love (1)
Life goes on (1)
Live or die (Hold me like a child) (1)
Living together (1)
Lollipop (1)
Losers and lovers (1)
Lost in your love (1)
Marley purt drive (1)
My destiny (1)
Nothing could be good (1)
One minute woman (1)
(Our love) Don't throw it all away (1)
Please read me (1)
Promise me the earth (1)
Railroad (1)
Sad eyes (1)
Sea of smiling faces (1)
South Dakota morning (1)
Such a shame (1)
The earnest of being George (1)
The long and winding road (Beatles) (1)
The woman in you (1)
The way it was (1)
Then you left me (1)
Three kisses of love (1)
Toys (1)
Trafalgar (1)
Turn of the century (1)
When do I (1)
Will you still love me tomorrow (1)
World (1)
Yours (1)

4. A Bee Gees song you don't like

None (41)

IOIO (4)
I started a joke (4)
Jive talkin' (4)
Massachusetts (4)
New York mining disaster 1941 (4)
This is your life (4)
Tragedy (4)
You should be dancing (4)
Backtafunk (3)
He's a liar (3)
Voice in the wilderness (3)
World (3)
Don't forget to remember (2)
Embrace (2)
Every Christian lion hearted... (2)
Lonely days (2)
Remembering (2)
Alive (1)
Alone (1)

Birdie told me (1)
Bodyguard (1)
Born a man (1)
Chain reaction (1)
Deja vu (1)
Everything on Trafalgar (except How can you mend...)
Evolution (1)
Fallen angel (1)
First of May (1)
Guilty (1)
Harry Braff (1)
Holiday (1)
How can you mend a broken heart (1)
I'll kiss your memory (1)
Jumbo (1)
Lamplight (1)
Lion in winter (1)
Living together (1)
Love me (1)

Man in the middle (1)
More than a woman (1)
Night fever (1)
Nights on Broadway (1)
Paper mache, cabbages and kings (1)
Playdown (1)
Red chair fade away (1)
Rest your love on me (1)
Run to me (1)
Secret love (1)
Smoke and mirrors (1)
Technicolor dreams (1)
Tell me why (1)
This is where I came in (1)
Three kisses of love (1)
Tokyo nights (1)
Until (1)
Wedding day (1)
Words (1)
You stepped into my life (1)

5. Favourite song from This is where I came in

This is where I came in (30)
Wedding day (22)
Sacred trust (19)
Embrace (13)
Man in the middle (12)
Deja vu (9)
Walkin' on air (8)
She keeps on coming (7)
Technicolor dreams (7)
Just in case (5)
The extra mile (5)
Loose talk costs lives (2)
Promise the earth (2)
Voice in the wilderness (2)
I will be there (1)

6. A question for The Bee Gees:

Sam (Canada):Would you ever do a concert in Canada? And is Robin going to grow his hair long again?
Bggirl (Canada): Come to Canada please!!
William Watson (Uganda): Why don't you play any of the Diana Ross songs live?
Alan W. Elam (USA): For Barry, your particular style of open-tuned rhythm chording has always intrigued me. And I especially dig how it's always come across on the recordings. So, I'm quite curious to know, how and why did you decide to utilize and stick with that approach? Also ,Mo-I always loved your McCartney-inspired bass work (as well as your arranging skills) on all the older albums. And neverminding that the bassist in your current band is excellent, I nonetheless am of the mind to think it REALLY neat if, just once in a while, you would step out from behind the keys and strap on a bass for some of the older numbers (like you did in '97 at the VH-1 fashion and music awards, when you guys did "Stayin' Alive"-THAT WAS SOOO COOL!)- so, my question is: how come you don't play bass at all anymore?
Christina Horton (Ohio, USA): What will be your next record and will you do another greatest hits 2 cd set? What would be one thing that you would do over if you could? Who has been your hero when you were grow up as kids and what is one thing that you do if you don't sing?
Anne Marie (UK): What skill would you most like to learn proficiently?
Roberta Urbina (Argentina): Is there any song you regret having recorded?
Chris Stobart (England): Would you ever like to do an acoustic live album where, like the Stones on Stripped, you perhaps left off the major hits and revised, or did in full, some less well known stuff?
Ann (New Zealand): If there was anything in your lives as the Bee Gees you would like to change, what would it be?
Ramzi (Lebanon): The high voice in the chorus of How Deep Is Your Love is Barry and not Maurice, right?
Juan (Spain): What's the most weird experience you have ever had with a fan?
Netta (USA -N.C.): If you could pick one artist in your lifetime to release one of your songs, who would you choose?
Zorik (USA): Are the brothers working on a new Bee Gees album?
Chiti (Mexico): Who would you like to write a song with? Do you listen to your own music? Why don't you write your biography?
Fran Membrino (USA): Did you ever video tape your songs in the studio???
Silvia (Argentina): Why is the marketing so bad?
T Krusell (USA): Was Don't Forget To Remember originally written for another artist to perform?
Roberto Lam (USA): Where is Robin Gibb living in? Did you like how Travolta danced? Can I meet you in real life Bee Gees one day? My name is: Roberto Lam, I'm 14 and I live in Florida. Ok.
Holly (USA): Is there any song you would like to perform live but can't? For what reason?
Brenda Herrin (USA): Can y'all please make yourselves more accesible to fans? Such as fan club get togethers and such. / To Barry, "CANT STAY WID YU?" (from the movie Shreck)
Andrea Patrick (USA): Of all the albums you have made, which is your all-time favorite, and which album you regret making?
Luiz Borges (Brazil): Bee Gees live in Brazil. Why not?
Amy Hsu (Taiwan): When do the Bee Gees come to Taiwan to hold a concert?
Alliette Leleux (France): What do you really think of Paul McCartney?
Charity Garcia (USA): How long have you guys been performing?
Aldocella: Please comply all the music videos to all songs and release on DVD!!!
Laura (USA): What's your favorite song to play live?
Claudia (Chile): Please, don't forget us!! Come to Chile!!!
Charlene (Scotland): Can you please come to Scotland and play?
Glenn Marshall (England): Will you do an anthology a la Beatles?
Susan Bennett (USA): Hey this is for Maurice, my question, Will you give up a Goldfinger Aston Martin and YOU pay the insurance?
Courtney (America): Would the Bee Gees be able to come visit my class mates at our school because we love you and sing Stayin alive every morning, and we want especially for Robin to visit us! Me and my friend have written a story about the Bee Gees!
Wendy Skoglund (USA): Whats been the most important part of your life?
Janie Neville (USA): After all this time "How do you three especially you Robin do you manage to stay so SEXY!!!! and down right GORGEOUS!! Maurice take off your hat your so we can see your whole face - you're so SEXY too! GORGEOUS"
LadyCiara (USA): Now that you have literally done, seen and been through it all, what is next on the list; have you fulfilled all your hopes, dreams and aspirations?
Ben (Germany): Can't think of one right now
Genny (USA): Are you going to release video tapes or DVD of all music videos (Bee Gees and Robin's songs)?
Lee Meadows (UK): Can you name track listings from your LP's?
Debbie (Australia): To Robin: Do you get everything out of life that you wish?
Josep Manel Grau (Spain): Will I be able to see you in your next tour in Barcelona, my city?
Marc Teixidor (Catalonia - Spain): I'd like to know for which company they are going to be for the next album. Where are they going to perform the next tour. Thank you! http://www.beegees.netfirms.com/
Alisha Durbrow (USA): What is the best way to get them to hear my material? I am a songwriter.
Carmen (Spain): Do you see each other when you are not in the studio?
Greg (USA): Why do you constantly play the same songs over and over again in concert? When r u going to play something from Odessa?
Sandy (South Africa): What is the most important thing in each of your lives? And when is the next album being released!... why so long still??? Who is your current favourite artist, and who is your favourite artist of all time? Will you ever commission an authorised auto-biography, and who would you ask to write it?
Julio César Guzmán Arcenegui(Spain): Difficult question.... There are so many questions!
Laura (USA): How is a record made?
Jimmy Nelson (USA): Since Andy's death, has writing/recording songs become any different?
Michelle (USA): What is your favorite group?
Kat (USA): What's it like being brothers and in the same band, don't you ever fight?
??? (USA): When are you coming to Wisconsin?
Kel (USA): Mozart or Beethoven?
Teana (USA): Could I have the pleasure of spending the day with you?
Dale350 (USA): Can Robin and Maurice sing falsetto? If so, why don't they do it live anymore?
Gail (England): What has been the most special day in your life so far?
Shehla Faizi (Pakistan): Would it be possible (by any unknown miracle ^_^) for me to ever perform with the three of you on stage? ^ _ ^
Laurie Smith (New Zealand): Don't really know of "a" question. I'd probably either freeze or babble
Amy (England): Are you still going to carry on writing songs even when you eventually stop touring?
Celia (Argentina): What music do you listen?
Diddly (Canada): Could you do a concert somewhere around northern Ontario??
Nina (Norway): How many songs have you written? Is it difficult to write songs? What is your favorite song?
Sharon (USA): Are you guys doing OK? Do you ever read your fan mail, or maybe write back?
Heidi (USA): Would you please get one or more of my friend musicians to play either on your album(s) or live in concert? They are great musicians/singers/songwriters, too!
Terry (USA): Will You DO A Concert In Philadelphia
Charlotte (Canada): No taped backing vocals in concerts please!
Venice Labra (USA): Do you ever go to the "Bee Gees Fun Fans Only"'s board? Because you really should!
Amy (USA): When is the next album coming out??
Chema (Spain): If you were not brothers, do you think you would still remain together as a band?
Donna (USA): Will you PLEASE come to Connecticut and visit me??? hee hee
Mcdustsucker (Germany): They answered me all questions yet!
Noritake Yanaga (Japan): Why not record one song of Andy Gibb?
Hoshu Tsuda (Japan): Do you feel English, American, or Australian, or American in England and English in America?
Rubén Belinchón (Spain): What is your favorite song of all your songs and why?
Fouad (Algeria): For Bee Gees which are the best albums that it composed
Kathy Osornio (USA): How do we the fans get to meet you personally?
Katie Plaisance (USA): Dear Bee Gees, Do you know how much you inspire me? If you ever hear of Katie Plaisance as a musician, you are to thank.
Alan (England): Would you go back to disco fever?
Dave (USA): Would you find it odd if one of your fans got a tattoo of you on their body?
Vien Huynh (Vietnam): Why don't you play hard rock like other bands in the late 60's?
Bernadette Romano (USA): Is there a possibility that you will do a concert at Staples Center in California? This is directed to Barry: Which record is your favorite cover record and which record was the shortest (in time) to make? What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting started in the music business?
Kelly (America): If you ever come to Cleveland, will you let me take you on a personal tour of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?! : 0)
April (USA): Maurice said about a year ago that the BGs were going to go on a world tour in 2002. Are they still planning on same? Robin... love that voice :-)
Melissa (The Netherlands): How are you guys? I'm sorry I don't have any.
Loz (England): What kind of music are they into and what they think is the best song they have ever made.
Kathy Wilson (USA): How can three brothers sing so good and be so good-looking and sexy???
Joyce (Canada): Be happy!
SweetJayne (USA): Would you please consider extending your concerts to 3 hours for your tour? Some of us will never have the good fortune of seeing you live and in concert, so all we can hope for is a 3 hour DVD of our favorite trio in concert. Would it be too selfish to ask? - Just kidding, we want you alive and well for future concerts. God bless you. P.S. Thank you for putting out This is where I came in, I'm really enjoying the new CD.
Karen (USA): What's your all time fav song?
Madelon Dane (Netherlands): Wanna be pen pals? No serious, I would ask if they aren't getting tired of always having people watching them.
Scott Bradfod (USA): Could you check out my lyrics at www.eeltank.com/scott? People say they are pretty good.
Kittie (USA): Will there be any more concerts? Specifically in Georgia?
Maryanne Xuereb (Australia): When are you guyz coming to Australia???
Mary (USA): Hey Mo, can I have your hat??
Schneider Adelheid (Austria): Maurice! Can you marry me?
Iwona Pomes (Poland): Will you ever record your version of "Woman in love?"
Janie Neville (USA): How do you guys manage to have all that talent and at the same time be so incredibly sexy??? Especially you, ROBIN????? (He's so fine!!!)
Eduardo (Mexico): I don't know if the Bee Gees will read these words, so I want to know an e-mail to write them.
Chris Moyle (Australia): When will you guys ever stop making hits!!!!!
Joy Parker (USA): When will you be going on tour and in which cities do you plan to play?
Anita (Germany): To Barry, Robin and Maurice: What are the good and bad points of your brothers?
Mary Evans (Ireland): Have you got any superstitions?
Gretchen (USA): Can you cook???
Silvia (Spain): How does it feel to be a Commander of the British Empire?
Margaret (Hong Kong): When will the tour start?
Rita Johnson (USA): Maurice, why sing more songs like Walking on Air? It's one of my favorites.
Trudy Holland (USA): I have been a Bee Gees fan from the 60's, and have never seen you in concert. When will you be touring? I will be there in the front role!!!
Carlos Eduardo (Brazil): Do you plan to come to Brazil?
- (UK): I really don't know, I think if I ever saw them I'd be speechless, with my tongue hanging out.
Amy Eno (USA): What is your favorite song?
Kellie (England): Where do they get their inspiration from?
Arnaut (Mexico): Are you thinking to record another album?
Simon Leung (China (Hong Kong)): Why does the Japanese edition of The Record have two more songs? Why does the Australian edition of This Is Where I Came In have three bonus tracks?
Angela (USA): How much it would cost to get them to perform Wedding Day live at my wedding. That would be a dream come true.
Joe Atiyeh (Lebanon): Who's the best singer they most like??
Santa (Norway): Where did you get your latest outfits?
I'm not telling (I'm also not telling): What do you do when you're on stage and you really have to go to the bathroom? / okay, i just took this poll 5 seconds ago but then i realized that my little bathroom question was a wee bit odd. when are you guys coming to the twin cities? i also have a comment: you guys are phenomenal! you are my all time favorite group (my peers think that that's very odd, i'm only 14...when we had to choose a notable person in history to research in my 8th grade honors social studies class i choose barry! my teacher really got a kick out of that) hope you guys keep performing! luv ya lots
Wendy Flemming (USA): How in the world did you find that your recording contract has exprised back in March of 2002?