Size isn't everything  (1993)


  • Review by "Robuz"
When people say Size Isn't Everything is one of The Bee Gees strongest post-Fever albums, you really have to believe it. With killer songs like "Paying The Price Of Love" and "For Whom The Bell Tolls", you can see why it works. I always thought the two best records of of 1993 were Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell II and of course The Bee Gees' Size Isn't Everything. This really is my second favorite album, second only to 1989's One.
  • Barry Kim's Review
This is my favorite album from the nineties. This album has a real Miami feeling, that I havent heard in another cd, since 'SPIRITS' came out.... up until I finally got a chance to buy 'HIGH CIVILIZATION'.

This is a very unique piece of work, by each of the brothers Gibb, separately, and together.

Songs like 'KISS OF LIFE', 'OMEGA MAN', 'HEART LIKE MINE', 'ABOVE AND BEYOND & 'FALLEN ANGEL'....they may be obscure.... but they are timeless pieces of work.

I give this album by the Bee Gees...5 stars. Great work guys!