2 Years On (1971)

  • Marty Hogan's Review

    Barry Gibb once mentioned that "2 Years On" was the weakest album the trio had recorded. True. Granted that it garnered the huge American hit "Lonely Days", the rest of the album seems like leftovers from their attempts at solo careers. 

    Wince while listening to "I'm Weeping". Shake your head in bewilderment at "Tell Me Why". "Lay It On Me" passes the test, but it seems Maurice shot his entire solo wad on that one. Do note however, that the song "2 Years On" is a rare early Robin and Maurice collaboration. "Man For All Seasons" clearly hints at the Gibbs' easily obtained falsettos to come. "The 1st Mistake I Made" is a surprising success, if a bit long. Strong emotional strings and guitar/piano riffs can't help but 'get you'. Otherwise the remainder of the songs are 'fluff'. This 'fluff' led to a magnificnet album less than a year later. The fantastic "Trafalgar"; the album that brought the Brothers Gibb into maturity.