Here at last Bee Gees live (1977)

  • Marty Hogan's Review

    "Here At Last..." is the first live recording by the Bee Gees since they started their incredible world wide appeal in 1967.

    Masterfully crafted, Rolling Stone magazine stated that it was one of the finest live recordings to date (circa 1977). Indeed, it encompasses all of the Bee Gees trademark arrangements, including a nine song medley, finishing with the a paired down bluesey version of "To Love Somebody". 

    Highlights include a 9:22 minute version of "You Should Be Dancing" with drum/percussion duel between Dennis Bryon and Joe Lala, and the last five songs that are perfectly performed with an encore of "Lonely Days" that will send shivers up your neck.

    All the major hits 'just before' Saturday Night Fever are here and done well. Finishing with a rousing "Jive Talkin'", the Gibbs come back for a spine-tingling encore of "Lonely Days". The second chorus guitar/drum startup of this song is incredible.

    This double-CD has been reissued just recently, since "One Night Only", due to high demand. Get it before it sells out again.