E.S.P. (1987)

  • Barry Kim's review  

    This album is very good. I especially like 'YOU WIN AGAIN'....a really strong track. I actually saw a live tv show video they did of this song, and I thought it was well produced.

    Other great songs I liked were 'ESP', 'GIVING UP THE GHOST', 'OVERNIGHT', and 'CRAZY FOR YOUR LOVE'.

  • Henar's review  

    This album meant the Bee Gees comeback. After Living Eyes (1981) the Gibb brothers worked on solo projects and writing and producing for other artists. In 1983 they had worked on several songs for the Staying alive soundtrack, but those songs seem more a Barry Gibb product than a Bee Gees joint effort. So, E.S.P. was the first Bee Gees album after six years.

    The highlight of this album is You win again, the song that brought the Bee Gees back to the top of the charts. It's a simple song, but its repetitive rhythm makes the song stick in your mind;  when you listen to it you need to listen it over and over again.

    I also liked the title track E.S.P., a song where Barry and Robin alternate on the lead, and the third cut, Live or die. I don't like the rest of the songs too much, though I must admit I only gave this album a couple of full listens. The day I bought this album I bought One too, and as I liked One quite a lot, I didn't give a chance to ESP. Maybe I should :)