Bee Gees First (1967)

  • Marty Hogan's Review

    The Brothers Gibb first international album is a masterpiece of songwriting, singing and production. Squeezed in the time zone of British Pop Groups ala the Beatles, they had small chance of doing well, considering they had the same vocal harmonies that the Beatles had (although they started them earlier than the Beatles in Manchester, England). Other than that, this set contains classic, everlasting songs that continue to be covered by other artists. Nearly EVERY song has been sung by another artist and To Love Somebody has been covered more than 250 times, according to Rolling Stone. Not a small achievement, by any mean, by three teenagers! Hats off to the three teen brothers who took the current technology of the time and survived, despite the georgeous Beatles, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band of 1967. What a start! 
    Footnote: 1980s Bee Gees technical engineer, Scott Glasel mentioned to me in 1986, that whenever he feels a need for inspiration, he puts on Bee Gees First.