Life in a tin can (1972)

  • Robbie's Review

    I'm not sure what to make of this one. I know this album was worth more than a kick in the head or maybe 8 in the pants. If there are two songs that do work for me on this record, they would be "Saw A New Morning" (which I have a video of them singing on The Midnight Special) and "Method To My Madness". For some funny reason, I also find myself singing that a lot around my house. I've never had this album on CD, so I'm not sure if they have that hilerious picture as they do on record. (I'm talking about the inside open can photo) Life In A Tin Can seems to say a lot about how some people may live.



  • Marty Hogan's Review

    Even though this CD barely garnered a hit, "Saw A New Morning," and was poorly received by the public, the concerts were still going strong during this period (1973).

    Hedging more towards country, The Bee Gees crafted some fine acoustic work here with, "South Dakota Morning, "Living In Chicago" and the upbeat rocker, "Come Home Johnny Bride".

    "I Don't Wanna Be The One" and "My Life Has Been A Song" are a tad bit of the old cornball ballads. However, "While I Play" is a Barry Gibb standout cut.

    Recorded with such celebrated studio musicians as, Jim Keltner on drums, pianist Jane Getz, 'Sneaky Pete' on steel guitar and the Bee Gees own, Alan Kendall, this album is first rate. It is a shame it only clocks in at less than 33 minutes.