Main Course (1975)

  • Kirsten's review  

I like the Main Course album - my favorite songs on there are Nights On Boardway, Fanny (Be Tender With My Love), Edge Of The Universe, Come On Over - I didn't like Jive Talkin, Country Lanes, they were not my type of songs!
I give the Main Course album 4 stars!

  • Barry Kim's review  

    This is a really great album, I guess you could call it a comeback album. Very strong songs, this has to be my personal favorite of the Brothers Gibb. All the songs are great, and I love obscure songs.... But my top 5 out of the 10 has to no certain order...
    -Fanny (be tender with my love)  
    -Country lanes  
    -Edge of the universe  
    -Wind of change  

    --Barry Kim (Bee Gees tribute artist)

  • Robbie's review

    This was The Bee Gees second effort with Arif Mardin, and this time the effort payed off by hitting the top of the charts. I like that most of the album was funky and uptempo. Which at the time, was probably the last thing you'd expect from The Bee Gees. But it also worked for The Average White Band and Hall & Oats. "Jive Talkin'", "Edge Of The Universe", "Nights On Broadway", and "All This Makin' Love" I think are the four best songs on it. I really love the Main Course album.


  • Wind of Change - by Henar

    Main Course is for many the best Bee Gees work. The three singles -Jive Talkin, Nights On Broadway and Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)- were big hits, but they are not the only gems on this really varied album, where you can find R'n'B, funky, ballads, soul, country, pop.

    This album marked a turning point in the Bee Gees career: the orchestra left its place to the synthesizers and a new Bee Gees sound was born. The Bee Gees didn't appear on the album cover and the sound was so different that many thought it was a black R'n'B band.

    Main Course opens with Nights On Broadway, the song where Barry's trademark falsetto was oficially born in the form of ad-libs. Next is the funky Jive Talkin, an experimental song inspired by the sound made by their car on a bridge they had to cross to get to the studio. It was the first single from this album, and though they never expected it to become a hit, it entered the USA charts at no. 9 and soon went no. 1. It's one of the songs the Bee Gees always include in their concerts and which makes the audience rise on their feet and dance to it.

    Wind Of Change was the second track written for the album and its title summarizes what this song represents: the turning point, the birth of the Bee Gees new sound. Its construction inspired that of Nights on Broadway.

    Songbird is the first of the three ballads on this album. It was co-written by their keyboard player, Blue Weaver, and has Barry on the lead. The lyrics are naif and a bit too slushy but the soulful melody is very evocative and nice to listen to over and over again.

    Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) is a powerful R'n'B song. Barry's natural voice and falsetto mix and give the song an incredible effect. You never get tired of listening to this song. It's perfect.

    All this making love. Main Course was an experimental album for the Bee Gees. They tried different styles, and this pop song is different from other songs on the album. For me, the weakest song.

    Country Lanes was the first song written for Main Course. It's a ballad with Robin on the lead. Beautiful.

    The Bee Gees like country and Come On Over is a proof of it. I wish they had written more country-like songs throughout their career.

    Edge Of The Universe has bizarre lyrics. It's about an alien and his dog. A pop song like All This Making Love. Love the live version.

    The album closes with Baby As you Turn Away, a ballad. On the one hand with Main Course the Bee Gees were trying to escape from their image as a band that could write just ballads, but luckily enough they didn't get rid totally of the ballads and included in the album three outstanding examples. Baby As You Turn Away is in fact a very simple song in its construction but once you've listened to it you'll never forget its melody. And it shows the Bee Gees can write lyrics that make sense!

    In brief, this album is a must, so if you haven't listened to it yet, you better run to a shop and grab your copy!