One (1989)

  • Barry Kim's Review

This is a great album as well. Dedicated to Andy, a surperb piece of craftsmanship.

My favorite songs from this album include 'ORDINARY LIVES', 'IT'S MY NEIGHBORHOOD', 'TEARS', 'TOKYO NIGHTS',  'FLESH AND BLOOD', & 'HOUSE OF SHAME'.

  • Robbie's Review

I think this is their best album The Bee Gees made. I like the other ones too, but I really like One the most.


  • Henar's Review

    This album was released one year after their brother Andy's death and was written having him in mind.

    The first single and opening track is Ordinary Lives, a lovely song in which they wanted to make it clear that they are just "Ordinary people living ordinary lives." This was the first Bee Gees song I listened to after losing their track in 1981. Someone gave me The very best of the Bee Gees as a present in 1991 and I immediately listened to the two songs I had never heard before, You Win Again and Ordinary Lives, and I thought "This is f*** good, these guys are better than ever," and of course rushed to buy the two albums I had missed. I only liked three or four songs from ESP, but loved most songs from One. From Ordinary Lives I especially like the blend of Barry and Robin's voices. I listened to the album just before start writing this review and got again so hooked by this song that after listening to it a couple of times I had to make an effort not to play the replay buttom once more so that I could move on to the next song, One.

    And well, what can I say about the title track? It's very sensual and you will be absorbed by its rhythm. It was the second single released and meant the first top ten hit in the USA for the Bee Gees after ten years. The replay buttom was again a temptation.

    Bodyguard is a soulful ballad with Robin singing lead. I didn't care too much for this song the first time I listened to it, but has slowly grown on me ever since, though isn't a favourite of mine; the chorus spoils this beautiful song, it doesn't match up to the rest of the song, I think. The best point of this song is the soulful way in which Robin sings it. You can also find a soul sound in It's My Neighborhood, a mid-up tempo song about the world of gangs. I don't play it too much, I don't really like Barry's breathy voice too much; his full voice sounds much better.

    Tears is a ballad with Barry on the lead; it's about a relationship that's gone wrong and the poor guy is obviously having a bad time. Tokyo Nights seems a Robin's Euro-pop type of song. Maurice said they wanted to dedicate a song to their Far East fans to acknowledge all their support, and this is the song. Very catchy indeed. After listening to the album for the first time, this was the song I kept on humming.

    Flesh And Blood has also Robin on the lead in the verses; it's a more soul-oriented song than Tokyo Nights. Wish You Were Here is dedicated to Andy Gibb. Really beautiful. My favourite part is the one Robin omitted in his 2003 version of the song ("but you're dealing with a man insane,..."); by taking it away it you take all the tension from the song I think. House Of Shame is a more up-beat song with Maurice on the lead, though all three voices are present in the song; I especially like the powerful chorus. Hot lyrics ;)

    Did I say I like most songs on this album? Well, Will You Ever Let Me is one of the exceptions; its chorus doesn't work for me; after the in crescendo verses that go "I could be the fire you start..." and "You don't take me serious..." I expected a chorus that hooked me but it didn't come. Anyway I like those two verses and also the funky groove of this song.

    The last track, Wing And A Prayer, had originally been written for the 1988 Olympics album, though finally Shape Of Things To Come (what a great song!) was used instead. At last they decided to include Wing And A Prayer in One, though it didn't appear in all countries. Love this song! My favourite parts: the line that goes "The flame of life" and the two verses before the chorus: "Lovers in ancient times, caught in the fire..." A perfect end to a great album.