Still Waters (1997)

  • By Henar

    What a superb album! One can notice the Bee Gees put a lot of work on it. The first time I listened to it I was highly impressed and the feeling is the same each time I listen to it. It is easy to undertsand why it went platinum in so many countries.

    After producing their previous albums themselves, for this album the Bee Gees decided to work with other producers. And so Arif Mardin produced I Will and Obsessions; Hugh Padgham, Still Waters Run Deep, Miracles Happen and Irresistible Force; Russ Titelman, Alone, My Lover's Prayer and Smoke and Mirrors; Raphael Saadiq, With My Eyes Closed; and David Foster, I Could Not Love You More and I Surrender. Anyway, the raw material was a high quality one, and some of the songs may even sound a bit overproduced.

    You'll find slow, mid, and nearly up-tempo songs in this album, their most soulful one. The album opens with the first single, Alone, a hit. Maurice created a distinctive sound for this song, imitating that of bagpipes. The effect is fantastic. Next is I Surrender. Up-beat song with superb harmonies. It is a very well constructed song, but has never fully grown on me, though there are parts of it that I like very much. I Could Not Love You More is a ballad in which Barry sings lead. I think Maurice said it's about their love for their children. It's an outstanding song. Still Waters Run Deep is another fantastic song, what a chorus! What incredible harmonies! My Lover's Prayer is one more gem, in fact, I think it´s my favourite track. You'll love this ballad!

    The next two songs, With My Eyes Closed and Irresistible Force, are not among my favourites. Closer Than Close is the sexiest song from the album and the only one with Maurice singing lead. In I Will Barry and Robin alternate on the lead; I usually love the songs where this happens and I Will is not an exception. And the musical effects are fantastic and make this song a really special one. Obsessions, a big R'n'B song, I love it too. Miracles Happen was originally written for a film as a kind of Christmas song; at first there were no plans to include it in Still Waters, but I find it was a great decision to put it on the album; it adds strength to it.  In the case of Smoke And Mirrors I like its meaning but don't like the song itself too much, maybe because of the falsetto; I like any of the two songs used as B-sides -Rings Around The Moon and Love Never Dies- much better; in fact those two songs are among my Bee Gees all-time favourites and wonder why they weren't included in the album.