To whom it may concern (1972)

  • Marty Hogan's Review

    Released in one of the Gibb's slow periods (1972), this CD contains mostly a collection of individual works, most of it hodgepodge and forgettable. However, for the real Bee Gees fan, it is a must have. 

    Other than the big hit, "Run To Me", other standout cuts are, "Road To Alaska", a unique toe-tapping rocker frequently used in concerts, "Paper Mache, Cabbages & Kings", a fun novelty song that bounces around with oddball lyrics, "You Know It's For You", A Maurice Gibb song that is one of his best lively mood songs and "Alive", a poorly received single that is one of the best written ballads the Bee Gees have done. 

    It is worth a listen if not a purchase.