This is where I came in (2001)

  • Robbie's Review

    I like this record a lot. I honestly think this was The Bee Gees best album since One. There is a lot more individual solo work on this one, but still a great group effort on a few of the other tracks like "Wedding Day" and "The Extra Mile". But also there's some great solo stuff on it. I think "Technicolor Dreams" is really cute and funny. As for the "Kiss my ass arse" intro, maybe Barry was mad at a studio technician. That's all I can come with, but who knows.

  • Chis's review 
After the big success of Still Waters, there was a big expectation for the Bee Gees next album, This is where I came in. For many it was disappointing, but for me it is a good album. There is no bad song in it. It is very varied and all the tracks are nice to listen. Perhaps the only problem is that it lacks a big hit song. 
The title track and single from the album. It is a good song but not strong and catchy enough to be a hit. Lead by Robin and Barry. What I most like are the lines that begin... "Hope rides on..."

Robin sings here a mixture of European pop and rock'n'roll (on the chorus). It is not among my favourite tracks, but the lyrics are a good laugh and it's a surprise to listen to Robin rock'n'rolling.

This one was written for the Backstreet Boys. It's a mid-tempo song with Barry on the lead singing in breathy voice (not my favourite). The catchy chorus reminds me of a very popular Australian traditional song. Nice track. 

It's my favourite track from this album. Very nice song, but I don't think it could have been a hit single. Anyway, if you are getting married this track could be a very good choice as a wedding song.

A Maurice song. It has a catchy melody, perhaps too catchy for my liking. The chorus reminds me of Omega man.

A Robin song, and a good one. I like it quite a lot. It's catchy and could have been a single, though, again, I don't think it would have been a hit.

Here we have Barry doing something different. If you like swing, don't miss this song. No one could guess it is a Bee Gees song, except for Barry's voice. It's one of my favourites. Listen carefully to the beginning and you'll hear Barry saying "Kiss my arse" ...a dedication to the record companies perhaps??

The second Maurice song on the album. A very nice song, with an unmistakable "Mauricish" rhythm. The chorus reminds me of the Beach Boys. An homage maybe? I like this one much more than Man in the middle.

A typical Barry song. A ballad, with the chorus at the beginning. Not among my favourites, though I like the lyrics.

The third Robin song on the album. An example of Robin's European-pop type of song. Catchy, another could-be single, but not big enough to be a hit. A great song to be played live.

This one was written for the 2000 summer olympics. I like the orchestration. It's a beautiful ballad which grows on you, with the three brothers singing it, though it is a "Barryish" song. I'd like to hear this one live too.

The third Barry song on the album. It's an experimental, up-tempo song. Sometimes I like it quite a lot, some other times I don't. It's different, the result of a jam session it seems.

**Bonus tracks and b-sides**

A nice ballad, with Robin on the lead and Barry on the chorus. It could have made two great songs. I mean I think the chorus doesn't match the rest of the song. Perhaps they could have written two different songs out of this one.

This track had already been released by Tina Turner, though I like the Bee Gees version best. Robin takes the lead. It's the only song with a bit of falsetto. It seems to me that the chorus was composed by Robin and the rest of the song by Barry. 

I have not listened to it yet, but I've been told it's a beautiful Robin ballad.