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Full name: Robin Hugh Gibb
Birthday: Dec 22, 1949
Birth place: Douglas (Isle of Man - British Isles)

Height: 1.76 m (5.9 ft)
Hair colour: Brown
Eyes colour: Brown

Marital status: Married to Dwina since 1985, with one child: Robin-John (1983). Robin has two more children from a previous marriage: Spencer (1972) and Melissa (1974)

Home: Robin Gibb lives in England, but has also a house in Miami Beach.

Personality: Unconventional, eccentric, temperamental, sensitive to criticism, deep, witty, down-to-earth, intuitive, shy but charming. Loves reading and history, and is on a macrobiotic diet.

Robin and the Bee Gees: Robin started performing with his brothers Barry and Maurice at the age of 6. During the first years, he mainly sang harmonies, but at 16 he also started writing songs and singing lead. With a unique voice, his vibrato is a trademark of the Bee Gees sound.
He sings lead on many Bee Gees songs such as 'I started a joke,' 'Massachusetts,' 'I've gotta get a message to you', 'And the sun will shine', 'Run to me,' 'For whom the bell tolls,' just to name a few.

Going solo: Apart from working with the Bee Gees, Robin has released six solo albums and a dvd, and is the only Bee Gee who has had No 1 Hits singing solo (More info):

Robin's Reign
How Old Are You
Secret Agent
Walls Have Eyes
Live DVD

Collaborations: Robin Gibb has:

  • written songs for other artists (Gerry Marsden, Adam Faith, Barbra Streisand, Kenny Rogers... ), 

  • produced or co-produced other artists' works (Clare Torry, Jimmy Ruffin) 
  • and also performed on several albums ('Sesame Street Fever,' 'Times Square' soundtrack, Alistair Griffin's album 'Bring It On'...)

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Sesame Street Fever
Times Square
Jimmy Ruffin:
Alistair Griffin:
Bring It On

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