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The Gibb Family

The Bee Gees parents, Hugh and Barbara Gibb (née Pass) were both born in Manchester. They met in 1941, got married in 1944 and had five children: Lesley, Barry, the twins Robin and Maurice, and Andy.

Hugh and Barbara
Hugh Leslie
(Jan 15, 1916 - Mar 6, 1992)

Barbara May
(Nov 17,1920)

Lesley Barbara
(Jan 12, 1945)

Barry  Alan Crompton
(Sept 1, 1946)

Robin Hugh
(Dec 22, 1949)

Maurice Ernest
(Dec 22,1949
- Jan 12, 2003)

Andrew Roy
(Mar 5, 1958 - Mar 10, 1988)


Lesley Gibb

Lesley married Keith Evans in 1966. They have eight children and several grandchildren, and live in the Blue Mountains National Park in Australia, where she runs a dog boarding kennel. In 1964 Lesley had a daughter, Bernice Barbara (Beri), who was raised by Hugh and Barbara. Beri married Harry Rhoades in 1991.

 Lesley, Keith and children Beri Rhoades


Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb first married an Australian girl called Maureen Bates in 1966. The marriage did not last long, and on Sep 1, 1970 he married Linda Ann Gray (born May 11, 1950). They have five children, four boys and a girl. Their two eldest boys -Stephen and Ashley- got married in November 2002. They have  three grand-children: Nina (Stephen's child, born Dec 27, 2002),  Lucas John Crompton (Ashley's child, born Dec 28, 2003) and Damien Michael Crompton (Michael's child, born Jan 5, 2005)

Stephen Thadeus Crompton
( Dec 1, 1973)

Ashley Robert Crompton
(Sept 8, 1977)

Travis Ryan Crompton
(Jan 10, 1981)

Michael David Crompton
(Dec 1, 1984)

Alexandra Leannia Crompton
(Dec 29, 1991)

Barry and Maureen Barry and Linda
Barry, Linda and kids

You can learn more about Barry Gibb's family at BarryGibb.com ("Family Matters" and "Photo Gallery" sections)


Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb married Molly Hullis in 1968. They had two children: Spencer David (Sept 21, 1972) and Melissa Jane (Jun 17, 1974).

Robin and Molly Robin, Molly and kids Robin, Molly and kids Spencer and Robin Melissa and Robin

After getting divorced, on July 31, 1985 he married Dwina Murphy (born on Dec 22, 1952). Their son Robin John was born on Jan 21, 1983.
Robin and Dwina Robin John


Maurice Gibb

Maurice Gibb married the British singer Lulu in 1969. Four year laters they split, and on Oct 17, 1975 Maurice married Yvonne Spenceley (born on Sept 24, 1950). They have two children: Adam Andrew (Feb 23, 1976) and Samantha Amanda (Jul 2, 1980)

Maurice and Lulu Maurice and Yvonne
Maurice, Yvonne and Adam Maurice, Yvonne and kids


Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb married Kim Reeder on July 11, 1976. Their daughter Peta was born on January 25, 1978. The couple divorced in 1978.

Andy and Kim Kim and Peta